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rifle season closed....

Old 12-13-2003, 04:41 PM
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Default rifle season closed....

well rifle season officially closed a few hours ago.....i just got back not long ago.....i went with my friends who set up big drives again....we seen a good number of deer....just none with antlers......then about 1 or 2 we were setting up another drive....i never been on this drive before with these guys...we lined a hillside and they had to come through us or cross the turnpike...which they would got killed on so either way they were good as dead...we were the safest bet.......well i asked my 2 older posters that were with us what way to face...both said right.....well about 20 mins into the drive 3 doe snuck behind the posters and i could tripped them they were so close...no antlers....about 30 mins later i hear a twig snap.....i knew it was a deer....just had that feeling and nothing cracks one single twig.....i slowly turn around to me left behind me and see a deer......a buck!!! we looked into eachothers eyes and before i could move a muscle he was bolting.....got my gun up but he was gone....didnt even waste a shot......but he was running towards 2 other posters.....the one closer to me pulled his trigger twice.....gun never went off!!! then i heard a shot from the other poster......he never said hit miss or anything on the radio.....so we continued the drive.....nothing else.....well we goto look for confirmation of a hit.....some hair but no blood.....they tracked it a while and found some blood.....not very much and it ran out quick.....then we get a phone call and all the kids had a christmas dance to goto so they all piled in a truck and left.....that took 4 guys out....leaving 6 i believe......well the buck ran across a road and through an open field....we seen a little patch of thick stuff we decided wed push that out and a hillside he may went to.....a doe came out but no buck...they combed it good and found nothing.....not even a sign of him.....he was a nice 6 or 8.....i seen 3 above the brow for sure....if he had browtines he was a 8pt....beautiful yellow rack.....i never seen one that yellow.....and the spread wasnt bad.....14 inches or so id have to say.....not huge but would made a heck of a nice buck for the last day of the season and the second buck in my life......if only i woulda watched the right way.....but both my older shooters that should know told me theyd come from the other way.....when we gathered up we found out the drove it backwards this time becuase the regular way to many deer sneak out...the drive leader says he told someone.....noone fessed up...i couldnt believe it......we all walked out pretty mad becuase we could had a REALLY good chance at him....especially me....he was just standing there.....i couldnt believe it.....hope hes alive so me and the flinter can get a crack at him......cant wait till muzzleloader season.....though ill take does im still lookin for antlers before i shoot a doe...i cant wait......i had a pretty good rifle season.....took 2 does.....1 was a beastly doe...bigger then all the bucks at the butcher shop....and seen 2 bucks.....and seen alot of deer.......howd all you pa guys make out????
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Default RE: rifle season closed....

This gal had to settle for a plump little doe. Saw no shooter bucks which was surprizing after seeing so many during archery. I think I understand why no bucks were showing up - they would usually come in the left side but there was the neighbor hunting there so he must have prevented them from coming in. Then on the right side there were too many hunters including the trespassers who I complained about in another thread... Today I had a small fork horn run right up to me and then walk by like I wasn't even there. So, apparently they don't see blaze orange as long as you're still enough. This buck must have been chasing a doe as he looked raggedy and his mouth was hanging open drooling. I could almost touch him he was so close. Wish I had my camera instead of my rifle! Oh well, guess I will try to fill the freezer some more when the late archery and special regulations area hunts go on after Christmas.....
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Default RE: rifle season closed....

got my first shot of the season this morning at a doe running through a field about 75yards away but i missed. i didn't see anything the rest of the day. a pretty bad season this year. guess i'll have to get out the bow for the late archery season.
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