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uht oh......

Old 12-12-2003, 08:00 PM
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Default uht oh......

well.....tomarows the last day of PA rifle season.....i took it down to the wire this year.....i did take 2 nice does...one was actually very big....i hope the butcher weighed it but i doubt it....it was bigger then the bucks at the butcher shop....but you guys know....something about those antlers just drive me absolutely nuts....the amamze me....i can look at hte same set forever and keep finding neat things about them and just sit there in amazement....i dont know why.....i hunted all the 2 week season except 3 days.....one i had to take my doe to the butcher....the other 2 i worked....didnt think id need that long being i had the whole first week off....thankfully i was smart and took the last 3 days off just incase....well 2 of them days are gone.....tomarows it.....i cant wait.....im going with my friends again to drive....theres only a few of us with buck tags left.....the rest are drivers.....and i believe im the only one with a junior liscense tomarow so i can take any buck i wish....i have good friends....they hunted with me all week driving for me....and most of them dont even carry guns because they got theirs....i know of 2 bucks still alive.....im hoping one of them come out....if not at 11 we meet up with the rest of my friends family and his friends to get the big drives going.....then i dont know what will happen....my friends got a christmas formal...im not going....im hunting all day....so if the older guys are still hunting ill hunt with them....i owe them some pushing if nothing else.....or if they call it a day too because alot of our guys left for the dance ill head out and stand hunt till dark.....i cant wait.....im feeling REALLY good about it right now....im feeling lucky......anyone ever come down to the last day and finally score?? either way i had a great season.....2 nice does.....and oh yea.....muzzleloader comes in the day after christmas...i saved a few doe tags for that....but if i dont have a buck ill buck hunt the first few days...though by then alot of deer start dropping antlers....anyone score on the last day????? im hoping i do....it would make my day to bring dad home a buck....good luck all you PA guys out there like ill be..
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Default RE: uht oh......

good luck mauser. my friend nick is up their since he still has a tag. ya know any good recipes for tag soup?? j/k. be careful driving man. crashed mine at 8 miles an hour and totalled it. it was a custom show car. not any more. atleast now i can get an SUV or a truck like i should have from the beginning.
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Default RE: uht oh......

i hunted all day everyday last season. i got my buck at 8:30 on the last day. that's because it took that long to find out where they were hiding. i only got to hunt the very first day this year and let my wife take only buck we saw that day. it was a nice 6-point and her very first deer so i was just as happy (if not happier) when she finally bagged a buck. now we're down to the final day and i have a pretty good idea where they are once again.....the very same spot i shot my buck last year. i didn't hunt the area the first day because of the logging that's been going on. i took a walk in there this evening without my gun and it was like BIG BUCK interstate 80 through there. tons of tracks but one stood out from all the others. a huge split-toe that was as big as my hand. can't wait to get in the woods tomarrow, i feel like i'm 12 years old again!!! good luck mauser!!
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