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Hunting from the ground

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Default Hunting from the ground

I have been bow hunting for 3 years now and shotgun hunting for 5. I have never sat on the ground. For those of you who do sit on the ground do you have a spot in mind the day before were you may sit and just go snuggle up next to a tree? Or do you only sit were you have previously placed a blind. Because i dont have any blinds up but would like to sit on the ground in a few places i know deer are moving but i dont have a stand.
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

I dig a hole in the ground and sit in it. Deer don't suspect danger at ground level. The Indians were notorious for this tactic. The hole keeps you warm, keeps your scent down, and keeps you under their radar.

I know exactly where I will dig the hole due to my scouting trips before opening day.
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

Drop em ,
have you considered a turkey hunter's seat ? I use one combined with a short portable blind for areas of low cover like tall grass or field edges . This is a very portable set up , and keeps your glutes from chilling .
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

I assume you are talking about gun hunting from the ground, I try to set up on the ground with a large tree to lean against and some trees/brush with shooting lanes inbetween me and where the deer should be moving through. Movement and scent are the 2 most crucial things hunting from the ground, you have to have the wind working for you and you can only move when either the deers head is behind something or its head is down feeding. I gun hunt on a fold up camo seat and depending on which way the deer is coming and the cover determines whether I shoot from a seated position or standing, if the deer is coming from a direction that you fell you need to stand or shift your position do it as soon as you can, do not wait for him to get in to close to stand or shift.
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

I use a camo pop up blind ....works great
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

I like to get a tree or rock to my back to lean against and break up the profile. I also use that HS turkey seat that has the offset legs for the uneven terrain. I find that it puts my knees at just the right height to rest the gun on but I hunt with guys that use those full size folding nylon chairs and it doesn't hurt their shooting.

We have a general idea of the area that we're going to dog out and have specific watch locations but we don't put up blinds as its Crown land and alot people around here don't know how to pick up after themselves and leave certain known watches a mess.

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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

During pre-season scouting, I will make 2 or 3 ground blinds that I will
use. Depending on the wind , determines which blind I will use. I like
to use natural sticks, dead branches and leaves up against a tree overlooking
some trails.
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

Think like a deer. They use natural cover and stick to shadows. They also use the wind to their advantage.

Last year I used a natural blind (fallen tree & shrubs) while sitting in my collapsible chair. I watched a couple of does for couple hours that were about 20 yards away. They did not see me until I finally stood up.

I often hunt from a hillside, or in a ditch or depression where my movements are not seen as much. This weekend I am going to try low-crawling along a thick bedding area (might as well use that military training). I am hoping to see them at ground level. I will cover my sound with a turkey call.
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

Love to groundblind hunt. make them in areas where treestands are impossible to put up, but I know there's deer. Usually I'll make it in the middle of thickets or a hedgerow overlooking a food plot or bedding area(swail). I'll get deep enough into the brush on the edge of field or overlooking a run. I try to be like I'm almost in the middle of a bush, trim an area to put my pop up seat, then I trim around me at the height I'll be when I stand to shoot. I try to make it where the only thing that will ever be exposed is from my shoulders up when I stand to shoot. Other than that, I'm a bush as far as they know. Like the others said, wind direction, scent control, and movement are big factors. Like Taz said, take your first best opportunity to get in position. When they tuck behind a tree or thickets, or whatever that's the time to position. Don't wait to get them as close as you can before you make your move. Make your move first then be still and let them come in.
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Default RE: Hunting from the ground

I mostly hunt from the ground regardless of the weapon. I use natural landscapes & cover where ever possible. If you do have to use a blind or build one and think a deer may notice it, build it well in advance of season to let them become accustom to its presence. They notice change, I have sat behind old pieces of farm equipment and had deer right on top of me, but again they are use to this being their and see no alarm value.
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Quick Reply: Hunting from the ground

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