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Would you help him?

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Default RE: Would you help him?

I have and will continue to help anyone in the field who needs it. There have been times in my life that I couldn't have gotten one out without the help of some good samaritan and it's only fitting I return the favor.
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Default RE: Would you help him?

You bet , why not, i figure if the she were on the other foot id apperciate the help, I would offer to help in hopes(like said) in time someone would help me!! Its just a good thing to do.
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Default RE: Would you help him?

I would definetly. Hunters, archery, rifle, slug, any kind of hunter is like family to me.

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Default RE: Would you help him?

anytime. id probably leave my spot to lend a hand.
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Default RE: Would you help him?

I would help, that is if he excepted it. I always tend to help out when ever and where ever I can.
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Default RE: Would you help him?

sure would.. you know I think this really says something about us fellow hunters!!! that we will help each other to a great extent no matter who the other person is
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Default RE: Would you help him?

ORIGINAL: Crawdaddy

In a heartbeat I'd help drag a deer out for someone I didn't know. I love hearing stories of successful hunts and whats a better way to hear one.

I agree good place to listen and learn more about deer and deer hunting.... You better get over there and find out what he is doin and you arent cause he is the one draggin one out and not you...hahahaha
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Default RE: Would you help him?

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Default RE: Would you help him?

of course i would; i wish the two guys that watched me and my two friends drag a doe up a muddy like 60 degree angle hill woulda helped, but instead they just watched us and then walked away.It was hard enough for us to get up let alone drag that doe up with us.buti woutl or atleast offer and if he/she declined then i would go on walkin.
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Default RE: Would you help him?

Not only help drag but a friend of mind is allergic to deer hair ( so he says ) and I field dressed his deer and dragged it out of the woods for him....
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