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Default Trespasser

I wasnt seeing much so I decided that I will get down from my stand and see if I could jump anything. What did I find a trespasser. Well there was a trespasser I found a bottle of some type of lure sitting right on top of a scrape that was made just a few days ago. I am the only one besides this other hunter that hunts this woods. I know he didnt leave it there. Any way we have signs up saying no trespassing. How do you keep trespassers out of your woods? This really makes me made bcause I heard shots from that part of the woods yesterday.[:@]
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Default RE: Trespasser

There has been like 10 other posts asking pretty much the same question. " What would you do if you found someone in your stand/on your property." Look around man.
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Default RE: Trespasser

I just shoot them.[&:]
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Default RE: Trespasser

Grrr, I feel for you, deerhunter1224. I don' t know about Indiana, but in Virginia hunting on private land without the owner' s permission is a crime. If this POACHER comes back, I would call a game warden.

And although I wouldn' t shoot the guy unless he fired at me maliciously, simply walking through your property with a 12 gauge isn' t a bad idea. Make your presence known!
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Default RE: Trespasser


I just shoot them.[&:]
And you wonder why I only hunt in your back yard at night! [&:]
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Default RE: Trespasser

If you heard shots why didn' t you go investigate and catch him red handed.
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Default RE: Trespasser

seems to be a growing problem, we don' t have much trouble behind my house, but my grandpa pulled into his proptery up the road 3 years ago, only to find the 12 pont he' d been scoutoing laying dead on his driveway.[:' (] He tracked it 250 yards back to where it was shot, and the guy never even looked for it!![:@] And,m he had posted signs everywhere, so I guess it' s inevitable.
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Default RE: Trespasser

The Law of the Land (The Three S' s):


Simple as that.

We too have a bad problem with Trespassers on the property I hunt. Besides putting locks on all the gates to keep the Quads out there really isn' t much else you CAN do. Just put brightly colored signs up right where you think theyre entering that way if they say something along the lines of " Well I didn' t see any signs!" You can call BS on that one real quick.
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Default RE: Trespasser

Just finished posting our lease in NJ and found a huge homemade ladder stand about 10 yds inside of our property line and about 60yds from my gun stand. Thsi thing was huge with a welded platform/screwed on milk crate/chained to the tree. I was so pissed that I ended up twisting the ladder until the brackets snapped. I dragged the thing about 150 feer across the line and am just waiting for a confrontation on the opener. What a load of bullsh$t.

To boot, we found a set of buck balls about 150 yds away on another members tree stand. What audacity.
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Default RE: Trespasser

Put up a sign that says " Land Mine Testing Area" [&:]
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Quick Reply: Trespasser

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