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Who uses iron sights

Old 02-04-2002, 09:07 AM
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Default Who uses iron sights

I hunted this recent season with iron sights, standard post and notch, on my rifle. Didn't matter because I didn't see anything to shoot.

Do you use iron sights? Post and notch or aperture (peep) sights?

Chubber in VA
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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

i use iron sights on my .357mag revolver. if i was using a rifle out to 150 yards i think i would use a peep sight. you just dont need a scope for closer work than that.
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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

I personally dont. but my grandpa uses post and notch on his 7.65 argentine mauser. He can out shoot me at 450+ yds all day long.<img src=icon_smile_angry.gif border=0 align=middle>
Just goes to show that with experience and practice iron sights are capable of extreme ranges too.
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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

I sometimes shoot a winchester m-94 30-30 with iron sight when hog hunting in heavy brush. If I'm deer hunting I always use a scoped rifle though.
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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

I have taken all my deer (2) with iron sights. We hunt really thick guts and ridges and will push the bush so its rare to see a deer out past 50yrds.
I bought my 1st scoped rifle for this past season and the scope cost me a deer, a doe ran past 15yrds away but I couldn't find her in the scope, if I had my iron-sighted lever I could have unloaded into her.
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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

I do. The woods where I hunt are very thick. Lots of wild muscidine and honey-suckle vines to snag on stuff. 50yds is a long shot so no real need of a scope. I use a SKS which is post and notch but the front post is hooded which kinda acts like a peep for getting on quicker.

Last time I was at the local range a guy with an AR-15A2 with goverment sites was shooting vise at a can at 100yds. Before we was going to leave I asked if he minded if I shot his can. He laughed and said yes. 10rds 10 hits. Nothing wrong with irons but they do take practice.
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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

i use post and notch on my .270...i'm not a fan of scopes cause i always lose the deer in the darn things...plus i never have a shot father than 100 yards....also good for running shots..
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

I have a Redfield peep on my Savage 99 in .300 Savage and it is very accurate out to 75 yards. If I had younger eyes I believe I could handle shots out farther with that peep.

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Default RE: Who uses iron sights

I use a Leupold 3x6 on my 338 with weaver screw bases. I use the factory iron sights when I get in the elk tangles. A few years ago Imissed taking a shot in there using the scope, even on 3x all I had was fur.. and who knows what was under that particular fur. The iron is good forme to 100, maybe if I really took my time, further, but 50 to 75 for sure I am confident.
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