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Need input scouting map

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Default Need input scouting map

Hey everyone.

I'm new to the thread and a relatively new hunter. I've hunted some in the past and killed 2 deer over the past 10 years, but this season I am getting more into it. I am hunting family land (about 60 acres) and haven't spent time scouting the deer patterns other than frequently seeing them in the fields. I just saw four deer this morning, two of which were 6 point bucks that were together in the field. Earlier this summer I counted 11 deer in one of the fields, so we have a good population. I attached an aerial view of the land (the full 60 acres) and made some notes based on my knowledge of the terrain. I just placed a ground blind in location #1 in the image, which is along a small sloping ridge deep in the timber. Most of the timber on this land is a trough with a creek in the middle. I have thought about posting up in two other locations on the map (#2 and #3). After hunting season I plan to do a lot more scouting with trail cameras next year before the following hunting season. But for now, any input from other experienced hunters on general thoughts about this terrain and good locations to consider would be appreciated.

Need input scouting map-land-layout.jpg
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I think I need to come out there and help you (JK). Nice looking land. Near the lake. Near the point in section 2. High ground.
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I notice near point #2 that the slope and gully come together. That may work as a natural funnel down into the trough.

That trough itself reminds me of a place I hunt. The trough forms a natural travel route, deer using it able to access the fields to the north at night (your #3), then using it to return to bed on the adjacent slopes or continuing along it to the SE where your photograph ends.

I see a gully near the lake and a slope just north of it. That may make for a natural funnel, especially if the slope is steep.

That thicket near the gully looks like a potential staging area. I could see a buck bedding on the slope where you placed your stand at #1, slipping down into the thicket to stage and sip a little water, then running the trough up into the northern fields between #3 and #4, or maybe even slipping past #2 on your map.

If you posted up at #2, you could keep an eye on that thicket and trough, and also watch for a deer sipping northward along the gully to the east of #2.
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The 2 red dots are the 2 spots I would pick for an ambush . But this is without knowing what is beyond the map.

Its easy enough to see why I picked those locations. Just look at the terrain . They give you the best view of the most likely travel routes to bedding areas and the most hidden routes a buck would to . Your number 2 isn't bad either. But your number one will see very limited activity . But big bucks would like just below that slope line to watch their back trail . My red dot on your #1 side is to see them coming from different directions before they get to that slope .

On your #2 side of the brook I would pick my red dot for morning and your spot for the afternoon .

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Originally Posted by myrtlegonzalez
Maybe I need to ask something. I don't understand anything.
Ask away. That's what the board is for, although it would be best to start a new thread.
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