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Help, need tracking tips white hair no blood >

Help, need tracking tips white hair no blood

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Help, need tracking tips white hair no blood

Old 11-10-2020, 03:26 PM
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Default Help, need tracking tips white hair no blood

Went for an eveing muzzleloader hunt today. Sat all eveing about 2 miles back in some thick pines in my stand seen a few does but didnt have any clear shots. Got out my stand about 30 minutes before dark because I realized I didnt have my good light with me. On the way out I had a nice doe walk about 50 yards away and stop broadside. So I pulled up my gun and took the shot. Shot from the ground clearly and she was slightly elevated from me. so not looking at a "low exit wound scenario". Due to muzzleloader smoke I didnt see if she dropped, kicked or anything. Slowly approached the spot she was at and found a small, about the size of a quarter piece of white hair with a small piece of pin sized hide attached. Went back in after dark with a good light and found another bit of hair. Just hair no hide, about 10 feet to the left of where I found the first hair. And found no other sign. It suppose to rain like crazy tonight and tomorrow so bloods gonna be gone..if there even is any.whats my chances looking like. I'm praying it was a belly graze and she's gonna be fine. But tomorrow after work I'm going back for a grid search. Just wanted pointers on what to expect or look for
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well welcome to the site, and sounds to me like a low belly shot, issue with shots like this can be from a grazing shot, to a larger wound that just got plugged up with intestines and won't maybe bleed much if at all
if you have access to a tracking dog, that would be the best idea I can think of, minus the grid search
there are a lot more folks out there with tracking dogs than ever, going to a few of the major web sites for them can many times find you one near you, that is if legal in your state/hunting area!
some charge a fee, if they have to travel far, or just charge no matter what, but many also do it for free, if there trying to get experience on there dogs, so its worth looking into
do a web search, never know other wise, your going to be doing a grid search and even then it can be iffy, a dog can be a HUGE help in cases like this

I wish you luck
and remember bad hits happen, it sucks for sure , but they do happen, just do your best and never know!
Please update how it goes!

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Old 11-12-2020, 04:56 PM
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I can't help you much other than to encourage you to do a thorough grid search as mrbb suggested.

I did notice this link has some information on hair: https://www.advancedhunter.com/track...%20items...%20

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