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My Daughters First Deer

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Default My Daughters First Deer

My daughter wanted to kill a deer so bad. She is a daddy's girl and whatever I am doing she wants to
be right there trying her best to do it also. I'll go ahead and tell you that when baby girl asks if
she can go hunting then baby girl gets to go hunting. We were at the house on the weekend and it was
just after noon. I told her to go get all her camo on and rubber boots. She smiled from ear to ear
and ran down the hall. We loaded up in the truck and left mamma and little brother behind. I can see
in her face how happy she is that daddy is taking her hunting. We had my grandfathers 6mm rifle. Just
about every kid and grandkid in the family has killed a deer with his gun. This gun has history and
we aimed to add a little of our own. On the way to the hunting club i pulled into a gas station. Baby
girl jumped out and i said lets go get a snack. I grabbed some jerky and she picked out whatever
bright colored sugar candy she could find. We got to the club and loaded our gear onto the four
wheeler. We road to a shooting house and climbed up inside. We had been sitting a couple of hours
when we saw a doe walk across the road through the tall pines about 400 yards away. I told Cheyenne
that she would make a circle and come in just before dark. So keep your eyes peeled and be ready. We
sat a while longer and sure enough there she came. We only had about fifteen minutes of shooting
light left. So i was wanting this to happen fast. I got her to sit on my left knee so she could get a
better shot. As she was getting focused in on this deer another one walked out closer and offered an
easier shot for her. Cheyenne began to get nervous and was stating to shake from the adrenaline.
Shoot at this point i am shaking. With a weak voice she looked at me and said "I can't daddy" "I need
Help". Proud moment for me as a father trying my best to pass on this burning torch for all
things outdoors to my kids. I reached around her and put my finger on the trigger. She had the gun to
her shoulder and her eye looking down the scope. I told her to take her time and just squeeze my
finger when she had the cross hairs on the deer. She stopped shaking just for a moment.....I felt her
start to squeeze my finger against the trigger, so I helped her apply pressure. The gun went off.
Both off our eyes focused down the food plot... We could see this doe laying there lifeless. She yelled out. " I
did it... I Did it daddy!!!!! You did it baby girl. She gave me a hug as I fought back tears of pure
joy. Lets go get it she said. We walked down to the deer and she became even more proud of herself.
"I wanna call mamma". So I video called mom for a short celebration. We got the deer strapped down to
the four wheeler and was riding out of the woods in the dark. Cheyenne sitting in front of me looked
up and said" Now I wanna kill a buck deer". You will baby girl. You will.
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Outstanding! That is what it is all about, truly. Congrats to the young lady.
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Daddy's Perfect Daughter <3
Well Done.
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Congrats to the young lady
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Congrats on a job well done.
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Alright! Way to go
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I wish mine was into hunting as yours, congrats!
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