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How's your season been?

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Default How's your season been?

How's everyone's deer season been thus far? I haven't had any luck in Ohio. I've passed a few small buck, and a couple doe. I still have a two day gun season and a muzzleloader season to go in January.

In Pennsylvania my deer sighting were way down this year. I saw more coyote than I did deer the first day. Our camp (typically around 15 guys the first day or two then down to 8 or 10 on the weekends) ended up taking 10 deer. Usually we get 15-20. So that was down a little bit.

Had an uncle and a cousin take a 6 and 7 point the first day. We also shot 3 coyote the first week.

My dad took a 6 point the first Friday. I took a 5 point the first Friday. It was the only buck I saw for the whole two weeks.

The first Saturday my wife and sister both took antlerless. Also a junior mentor hunter got his first deer, a button buck on Saturday morning. He carried the tail around asking everybody if they wanted to pet a deer tail. He was quite excited. Then today the second Saturday a friend and two cousins all took antlerless.

I decided to burn my doe tag for that area this year since I saw so few deer. I don't know where they were hiding. I've had opening days recently where I saw over 60 deer. So, it was a strange year for sure. All the corn was still up until part way through the second week. That's the only thing I can figure. Spotlighting earlier in the year showed average numbers for our area, but they sure tricked me this year.

How's everyone else's season going? I'll still try in Ohio and I have a couple special regulation antlerless tags in PA to use after Christmas if I have time to get out.

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Weekend warrior that I am (having only gone out a single day), things are great---three deer in the freezer out of a party of 4.

Where we were in SW Virginia the acorn crop wasn't as heavy as last year, so we had some great movement. Deer really seemed to come to us more than we came to them, even though we were still hunting.

In TN, my uncle has been seeing a good bit of deer activity from his stand; he harvested a spike for meat (it's only a 30-acre pass-through property; deer don't last long on adjacent properties, so any QDMA principles go out the window) and passed up on a ton of does.

Going to hunt NE Georgia near Rome for the first time later in the month. Hoping to see a good bit of movement. The herd's huge down there, thanks to the proximity of the sprawling Berry College campus, which effectively functions as a massive open-air sanctuary (save for the day or two in which there's a quota hunt on a small portion of it).
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Filled my vt rifle tag with a decent 6 point and my ml doe tag. All done for the year, freezer is full and getting ready for ice fishing.

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I had a good year. Got a bighorn sheep
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saw 33 bucks during the 2 week season, took a 6 and an 8, a doe late in the season and a 200# bear middle of the season. average year. also a huge gobbler the last day of fall turkey season.
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Great season for us so far! I took a nice doe in October and then Opening day of rifle season by 12 year old daughter shot her first buck, a nice 8 pointer. My wife, son and I were in the blind and my wife got some sweat video footage of it. He came out chasing a fawn and I grunted to stop him at 100 yards and my daughter dropped him. Very memorable evening for us! I then took a small 8 point a few days after my daughter got hers. 3 deer with quite a few pheasant and geese in the freezer, it is full! Good winter so far.
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All in all,a good year.

My daughter and her boyfriend took a Mule Deer and Elk in Colorado
I took a Whitetail in Iowa with my bow
Daughters boyfriend took a Whitetail in my foodplot in Vermont.
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I was too busy during archery season, only went out a few times. My anterless tags got filled during firearms season so the freezer is almost full. I'm working on a decent buck during muzzleloader season. I've seen 7 coyotes this morning and 1 last weekend so I'm ready to switch to predator hunting if the buck never shows.
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Pretty good, My daughter got her first deer October 9th, I shot a nice buck October 15th with a bow, and filled a doe tag yesterday with a muzzle loader.

Spent the firearm season trying to get my daughter on a nice 10 point. We didn't get him but we had fun and seen him about everyday. Of course he likes to give me a shot every time she's not with me. I could have shot him 10-15 times this season but he's always just out of her range when she is with me. Beautiful deer with bright white tips on his antlers. We had fun though and he will be a stud next year.
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Last year was the first year I have been skunked in 30 years. This year I took an eight pointer and a spike on the same day during muzzle loader season. Made a nice batch of Jalapeno and cheddar summer sausage that came out delicious!
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