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Where are the deer?

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Default Where are the deer?

I found several spots before the season that had rubs all over the area but opening day got here and nothing showed up found areas with plenty of scraps and when the season got here I saw nothing me and my brother both have seen nothing during rifle season but a few turkeys no matter where we have gone and I feel like were finding the signs were looking for but still nothings showing up and were both scent proofi g our clothes even smoked our hunting clothes we used doe estrous and tried several differnt places this season and cannot get a deer to come out i think im doing everything right but I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure out what this would be my 3rd year without landing o e but most years I see a small doe that I won't take but this year I haunt even seen that
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Sign is made at night. Could be lots of mast in the woods. Deer can stay bedded and don't have to go far to find food. They do their roaming in the dark. At least that's what's going on where I hunt.
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Public land or private? Big or small piece of land? Tree stand or ground blinds?

Pressure has a lot to to with deer movement. Big buck are mainly nocturnal, but when the rut kicks in, thats when you have a chance.
Many times the deer will see you before you see them, and move on. If they bust you it could take a while for them to come back to that area, especially in day light.

Are you able to put out trail cameras and see what is there and when? If yes, be careful because this can also spook the deer. You have to hide your cams and not put them to close. I love setting them up on scrapes because that is where the deer show up.
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To bornagain64 its on public land and a big peice in missouri and another big peice next to a field with rub lines and beds and also a blind in a field with rubs and scrapes, they are all big areas on public land and I haunt used blinds or tree stand at all till I found the ground blind area and used that but most of the season I been sitting by hollers or ponds with my back against a tree with some doe pee on a branch
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Concur much w/your first 2 responders, so I'll move on from there. May not explain more because I keep getting timed out eve w/a decent typing speed.

If you are burn scenting your clothes and the area hunted wasn't similarly burned, I would drop that quick. Even so, the area if burned, a same cover scent still isn't necessary. Use the wind over trusting cover scents.

If you intend to sit, it's best to do 1-2 all day sits and come back 2-3 weeks later and do a final all day sit. Provide full days so the area can properly be ruled out before hunting other spots later.
Consider rattling or legal game calls your area may permit.

Always use the best cover possible-that still provides shooting chances. Movement and noise can bust you in a heartbeat.

If sitting isn't working for you, change to still hinting.

More acreage mean more scouting work. Find the does, bedding areas, better food sources, various water sources, funnels, marshes/swamps. Hopefully in combination w/ each other. Don't overlook various types of thick brush or steep terrain. Steep terrain you can navigate safely is good, as most people have a tendency to avoid the more difficult areas.

Harwood to pine transition areas are also good.

The deer are there. It's not what you know, but if/how you WORK to apply it. Good luck!

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I came up with this gem many years ago while sitting on stand for quite awhile---DA DEER IS WHERE DEY IS AND DEY ISNT WHERE DEY AINT !
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