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3-06 bullets

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thanks for the replies. i am working with all of your suggestions. slow going with our weather.
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I tried the Remington Managed Recoil 125 grain bullets in my Bolt-action Rifle and they grouped very good for Me...since they are lighter recoil bullets You need to use a Pump or Bolt-action Rifle since they're might not be enough power to eject the casing in a Semi-Automatic Rifle.
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might want to try some 165 grain bullets in that 06. will work well for deer and bear. nosler partitions will be effective for the bear hunts if you reload.
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Default I got away from that decades ago

What shoots the best!!! I had a 35 Rem in the least expensive bullet made. Shot them right and dropped those deer on the spot in swamps.
Once dug out a bullet on the far side of a dead deer, and it measured double at 70 caliber. It wasn't the expense of the bullet but the accuracy of the shooter.
Been saving money on bullets ever since. Even the least expensive bullet is adequate. But then others get tied up in what shoots best in the rifle, instead of looking at the shooter.

A newbie female once shot the first two shots in a 30-06, a keyhole.
Twenty years later I'm still shooting those keyholing bullets. Don't worry about more expensive bullets.
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There's a big difference in bench accuracy and hunting accuracy. Many hunters, in my opinion, worry too much about obtaining bench accuracy. Not that there is a problem with that... More accurate is always better... But the hunter trying to shrink his group from 1.5" to under an inch is ultimately "wasting" money. As in 99% of hunting situations the difference won't matter. I'm lucky with both my .30-06s. One shoots 150 or 165gr core locts really well. and one shoots the 180 grains really well. Both right around an inch if I do my part. I have a marlin .30-30 that greatly benefitted from handloads. Every gun and every persons accuracy needs will be different. Just depends what you want.
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The 30-06 is my favorite deer rifle, I hunt where shots could be short or across a field. I have always used 150 grain bullets for deer, whatever is on sale. Someone told me that I should try the 165 grain bullets for a reason I don't remember. I have not done that but I think 165's might be a little better on larger deer. I will take Mr. Slim's advice and get a box and try them.
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The least expensive bullet made may not be the best preforming bullet after you hit the deer. In my .308 Remington 150 grn coreloct have always done a superb job for me, many drop in their tracks right behind the shoulder. In my 45-70 I use Hornady 325 grn lever evolution and they are like a bolt of lightning behind the shoulder. I subscribe to buying the best round that preforms well in your rifle upon impact with an animal. It isn't like we shoot two or three boxes of hunting ammo a year for the most of us.
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I am sure you are right Oldtimr, I have not had any problems with any 150 grain 30-06 bullets on deer. I have not shot many tho using a 30-06, I used a 30-30 for years and was happy with it, never shot at anything much over 100 yards. I hunt more open land now and went to the 30-06. I usually try for a broadside lung shot, a rib should be the biggest bone the bullet hits and want the bullet to take out both lungs and exit.
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