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3-06 bullets

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Default 3-06 bullets

i bet this has been discussed to death, but i'll throw it out there for my own benefit. I have recently purchased a Remington 760 in 30-06. I have been looking at ammo to use, 200 yd. shots max at 200lb max whitetails. the info on bullet selection is mind numbing! the kicker to all this is I may also run into a black bear while deer hunting. bears here are not huge, 400lbs would be a slammer. So, what FACTORY ammo would anyone suggest. I am going to try several to see what the gun likes. Sorry about the long post!
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Try a few bullet weights to see what your guns likes best, and go with accuracy over weight. For the parameters you've given, 150gr would be adequate.

Start the brands you recognize like Winchester, Federal, Remington. A lot of which brands you shoot will depend on what's sold in your area.

For my money, my '06 shoots Wolf Gold well, but it's a bit dirty. The accuracy is worth an extra cleaning patch or two. I like Prvi Partizan & Fed. Fusion for my .270. Don't be afraid to try some of the reduced recoil ammos.

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Originally Posted by andrewstj
So, what FACTORY ammo would anyone suggest.
Whatever groups best in your rifle. Neither deer nor black bear are particularly tough and you don't need premium bullets for either. Shoot several brands and lay in a supply of which one your rifle likes best.
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Winchester PowerPoints, in 150 and 165 grain.
Remington Core-Lokts, 150 and 165 grain.
Hornady American Whitetail, 150 grain.

Try these and see what shoots well in your gun.

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I would go with a premium if bear is on the menu. Many will tell you that they are not particularly tough. But, they don't leave the best blood trails and they will get into some thick, nasty cover. I would want an exit wound. And bears are tougher to pick perfect shot placement on. Your scope will be full of black. If you have a shoulder shot, or a quartering shot, you want a tougher bullet that will pass through in less than ideal situations.

I would find something with a Barnes X bullet (or equivalent), Nosler Partition or Accubond. If you are going with standard bullets (like Core-Lokts) go with the 180 grain bullets.
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I haven't shot a factory round in as long as I can remember. But having shot my share of deer and black bear I have to agree with Flags - neither are tough enough to warrant a premium bullet (unless it is the most accurate in your rifle).
As for bullet weight something in the 165 - 180 grain would be my pick. Remington Core-Lokt bullets have been around a long time because they work as well as many others. My advice is to get an assortment and see what shoots the best out of your rifle and then go to the same store and buy as many boxes as you can afford of the same lot number. That way you can be sure they will all shoot the same. (they can vary from lot to lot)
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Yep, no need for a premium bullet for deer and black bears IMHO either. Just go with what shoots best in the rifle you have as the others have mentioned.
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Originally Posted by TN Lone Wolf
Winchester PowerPoints, in 150 and 165 grain.
Remington Core-Lokts, 150 and 165 grain.
Hornady American Whitetail, 150 grain.

Try these and see what shoots well in your gun.

I was about to type exactly this, when I saw TN beat me to it. The only thing I would add is try 180's as well, my dad's 760 loves the corelokt 180s and they seem to hit hard.
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I'd suggest 150gr, my 30-06 loves corelokts in 150 gr, psp

I used to shoot 180's the only issue I had was they would pass right through without much expansion on a 150lb whitetail. exit hole was about same size as the entry hole.

150's worked perfectly on a antelope and a 4pt mulie this past Oct.
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I use a 150 grain soft point in all my 06s and have not had a problem I would not think twice about shooting a bear with the same bullet..All i shoot are the blue box from Fedral..
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