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5 Reasons to Small Game Hunt

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Default 5 Reasons to Small Game Hunt

Ok so this isn't about deer hunting, but it is directed at deer hunters. If this has to be moved I understand. If you are like me and mainly deer hunt you may find this helpful.

I don't small game hunt more than a few times a year, but when deer season is over the depression sets in from lack of time in the woods.

So if you are looking for some extra motivation to get out and chase the little critters here you go. While there are lots of reasons, there are really 2 I want to hit on here.

1. Its a great way to get new people excited about the outdoors. I have challenged myself to try and introduce some new people to hunting. If you think about asking others to join you in a hunt, but selfish with your time in the deer stand (I know I am). This is something to think about.

2. Its good for the sport of hunting in general. Small game hunting (at least in Michigan has been on a steady decline for over 50 years... Thats bad for the sport in general.

This is something that has been on my mind and just felt the need to share. I actually wrote a post on my blog that goes much more in depth if you want to read it. http://lifestylelost.com/index.php/2...-game-hunting/

Good luck to all of you lucky people that still have an open deer season!

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We hunt coyotes. Friends part of our group just took our fur buyer and his daughter on their first coyote hunt last Saturday.

They run trap lines but have never called a coyote in and shot it before.
I think they will more and more now.

Also how can you tell that small game hunting in Michigan is on the decline? I never had to buy a license to hunt my own land till about 4 to 6 years ago when they started that base license crap. What is the gauge? If you hunt deer you have to have buy that base license.
Sure would like to know how you can say small game hunting is on the decline.

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The only incentive I need to hunt small game is the vision of a plate full of fried rabbit, mashed taters and pan gravy. Grab the .22 and head out!
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I was out two weeks ago using my single shot 410 as rim fires arent allowed where I'm hunting for squirrels. I'd talk my wife into trying them so I went and got a few for us to eat. She was surprised they cooked up so nice.

But yes while out I scouted the area as it's my first of many seasons in this area and I found a lot of new sign and now the count down to next season is on even I have one more weekend of anterless gun hunting left.
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Food was the first thing I thought of; but admittedly it's great fun also !!!

That counts for 2 more - right ? LOL
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The only incentive I need to hunt small game is the vision of a plate full of fried rabbit, mashed taters and pan gravy. Grab the .22 and head out!


Squirrels do it, too.

Edit: there is some reason to think that the return of deer and turkey populations has redirected some hunters more toward those species and away from rabbits, squirrels, etc. A high school kid today can hunt turkeys after school, but probably couldn't 50-60 years ago.

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Didn't know I needed a reason, I was a squirrel hunter before a deer hunter...Back in the 60s we simple didn't have enough deer to hunt, we had a shotgun and a .22, no "deer" rifle...I learned to shoot hunting squirrels and Dad would kick your butt if you didn't use a head shot...The shotgun was used for ducks, doves, quail and rabbits run in front of beagles...
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Only two reasons, it tastes good and the hunt is fun.
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Originally Posted by Oldtimr
Only two reasons, it tastes good and the hunt is fun.
That's for sure and the same goes for bird hunting since they are also small game.
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My reason for small game hunting is to work with the dogs and because the rabbits and squirrels taste to durn good not to.

Had fairly good day today 9 rabbits, 3 squirrels and great fellowship with one another while doing it.
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