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Slug Gun Deer Hunters

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Default Slug Gun Deer Hunters

I have a few questions about deer slugs. I have my own thoughts and opinions but am curious as to others thoughts and opinions.

So right out of the gate let's not make this anything to do with what kind of gun we are using but rather the slugs being used and the results. I would like to be able to narrow it down and say every shot we will be talking about was perfectly to the heart/lung or shoulder but that isn't reality.

So again, not interested in accuracy but when a deer is hit what the slug did.

I'm asking because there are so many slugs out there and it seems there is atleast one new slug dropped on th market with the coming of each new season.

What are you guys shooting?
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My slug gun really likes the Win sabot slugs shooting a .50 cal bullet. I get a 1 1/2 inch group at 100 yards with it. If I do my part the deer go all wobble legged and fall over right there. This spike below was taken in VA and you can see the exit hole in the shoulder. He never moved.

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Used Lightfields for quite a few years with outstanding results. Then Hornady came out with a 325 grain Interlock saboted slug. Bought a box the year they came out with them. Out of both my Mossburg 500 rifled barrel and my TC 12 rifled barrel they will print under an inch and will put the absolute hammer of the gods on a deer. Folded a 290 pound on the hoof Buck dang near in half on impact. Complete wreckage internally. And the best part is,,,they have about 20% less felt recoil! If they shoot as well out of your barrel, I'd recommend them all day. But to be perfectly honest, just about any slug that is accurate out of your barrel will drop a deer in it's tracks. That's a LOT of bullet hitting a not so big of an animal. So I go for the ones that are most accurate out of my rig. They do have the better BC bullets out now like the SST loaded into a shell. It's pretty cool nowadays when you can take a slugger out and ETHICALLY drop a buck out at 200-250 aint it!
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I used to shoot nuisance deer on a farm at night and was only allowed shotgun/slugs because of houses nearby I used remington copper solids and if I ever hunt with a slug gun I would use those although there are a lot of new slugs on the market since then they were devastating on deer !
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Winchester partisan gold out of my Ithica 37. Good on targets and great on critters.
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As far as I can tell they all kill well hit deer just fine and the well hit part is determining factor.

There is really not much to learn from other peoples experiences when it comes to slugs. 3 guns just alike can like 3 different slugs.

I know you said you are not interested in accuracy but the best slug is the one that is the most accurate out of the gun you are shooting.

I shoot Remington Accutips they kill deer pretty much just like any other slug Ive used but fly straighter out of my gun some other folks with the same gun have better luck with various slugs. They all kill deer about the same but vary relatively wildly in accuracy from gun to gun.

The accutips are big time deadly out of my gun......not because they are better slugs but because they are the ones that land where I want them to out of my gun a couple guys I hunt with see the same results with Hornady sst but not with accutips.

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When I bought my 20ga slug gun fellow recommended Remington buck hammers 2 3/4 inch. They worked great on the paper targets as did the Federal power shocks. I stuck with the buck hammers they have accounted for 4 deer in 4 years destroying the lungs in every one turning them to jello. Never went over 10' from where hit.
Heard they were going to stop making buck hammers and went out and bought every box I could find so I would have enough as long as I live.
But to shoot the slug gun more I started reloading, Use bought components. these thors do well out of my 20ga. never had a paper target get away.


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I'm a guy that has played with a bunch of types, and I honestly cannot say anyone worked better or worse
I truly think the one to go with is the one YOUR gun likes the best, and then practice with it at ranges you are willing to kill a deer at, and know its drop.

I would rather a bullet that flys where I aim, that count on bullet design to expand slightly better to do my killing
its all about hitting vitals, and placing a bullet in them!
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Originally Posted by muzzlestuffer
I used to shoot nuisance deer on a farm at night and was only allowed shotgun/slugs because of houses nearby I used remington copper solids and if I ever hunt with a slug gun I would use those although there are a lot of new slugs on the market since then they were devastating on deer !
The OLDER Remmy CS. The NEWER ones do not seem to be as good IMHO. Before those I used to shoot ACTIV 2-3/4", 1oz and 1-1/4oz slugs with devastating results. Never had a deer go over 40yds. DRT. Split a case of them in 12ga and 20ga. I haven't fired a shotgun slug in almost 20yrs to deer hunt with since taking up ML or pistol for firearm season here in Illinois.
I always get to test other guys weapons and ammo at my place for sighting in or putting guns together for them. If I never have to shoot another 12ga slug the rest of my days I will be tickled silly!!! Not to mention that some think that it has to be the biggest slug made for their gauge and they buy cases of them and want me to make them shoot like my sniper rifle. Thank god for lead sled!! And they get charged more for it as well!!!

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Here you go.

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