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I shoot Remington accutips. Shoot great, and kill great
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Originally Posted by SecondChance
The OLDER Remmy CS. The NEWER ones do not seem to be as good. Before those I used to shoot ACTIV 2-3/4", 1-1/4oz slugs with devastating results. Never had a deer go over 40yds. DRT. Split a case of them in 12ga and 20ga. I haven't fired a shotgun slug in almost 20yrs to deer hunt with since taking up ML or pistol for firearm season here in Illinois.
I always get to test other guys weapons and ammo at my place for sighting in or putting guns together for them. If I never have to shoot another 12ga slug the rest of my days I will be tickled silly!!! Not to mention that some think that it has to be the biggest slug made for their gauge and they buy cases of them and want me to make them shoot like my sniper rifle. Thank god for lead sled!! And they get charged more for it as well!!!
I still have about 10 boxes of those older copper solids but I sold my old marlin 512 slug master I used to use!
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Originally Posted by muzzlestuffer
I still have about 10 boxes of those older copper solids but I sold my old marlin 512 slug master I used to use!
I sent you a PM.
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Slugs have evoled over the last 30 years I've been hunting. When rifled barrels came out I used 12 gauge Winchester Platinum Tip 400 grain slugs. I killed many deer with that set up. They all died quickly with huge blood trails.

I've also used Remington Copper Solid 20 gauge slugs to take an 8 pointer at 100 yards. He only ran 25 yards before expiring.

Hornady's 20 gauge sabot slug is basically the same bullet; (weight, BC, and sectional density are identical although the jacket thickness is greater in the 450) as my black powder rifle and my .450 bushmaster.
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Hornady SST 300 grainers, very accurate and dirt knap deer quickly
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