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Hunting Boots

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Default Hunting Boots

I am in need of a pair of insulated(preferably waterproof also) hunting boots. The weather here is normally mild but can drop down into the teens on occasion so I would like a pair that could keep me warm in the twenties but also be wearable through the forties and won't break the bank. Thanks
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You can buy way cheaper boots than these red wings but take it from me you will in the end pay more over time for the crap made in China. I was always a fan of sorrels made in Canada. I bought a pair after they moved production to China. A month after purchase I had a crack across the toe where the boots bend while walking.

I have Red Wings now American made and over 5 years old and no problems.
go to a dealer and talk to them. many of the boots they sell they also will repair free of charge.
Here is a real good boot.

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I'm gonna need a pair soon as well. I've used Rocky boots for 25yrs and have always had good luck with them. However same deal...they have gone downhill in recent years in quality. The pair I am using is at least 10yrs old, back when they were still good. I only wear them during hunting season and they have lasted quite well...but its getting about time for a new pair.

The thing that frustrates me, you can't hardly find a "regular" style boot these days. Everything is this molded fancy stupid looking crap. Just give me a regular pair of leather boots, goretex, and about 800gr.
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Thanks guys
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For most of my life I used just a simple pair of uninsulated northerner rubber boots and my socks are what changed with the seasons. Now I use the original muck boots and do the same.

I'll go through 5 pair of those before my old Northerners ever wear out but they are very comfortable.

Ive yet to find a pair of boots that you can walk a mile in then climb up in a tree and sit for 5 hours and your feet keep warm.

Anything warm enough to sit still in my feet sweat while walking then get cold when I sit and anything not warm enough to make my feet sweat when I walk isn't warm enough to sit so it just doesn't work for me.

So 2 things

1. I just deal with it
2. I have to wear light boots/socks in and pack in heavy dry boots/socks to put on while sitting.

Anyway that is my experience....easy to stay warm sitting and easy to stay warm walking but very difficult to stay warm walking then sitting. Wicking socks help a lot.

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For plain walking I also will wear rubber. Sure do like my Muck boots and for the $179 I paid well these last 5 yrs have been a blessing. But Rubber is a heat sink. YOUR FEET WILL GET COLD!

For leather boots I went to Russell.
I was a pointing dog judge for 25 yrs so needed a good quality leather boot as we walked all day. I went to the Russell South 40 Birdshooter an uninsulated lace up for ankle support. I still use a pair I bought in 1993!
I have a second I grouse/woodcock and pheasant hunt with bought in 2002. The leather is topnotch. They shine up well and I heavily siliconed them. They keep my feet dry.
I also wear double socks.

For late season I bought a heavier version insulated along with a more aggressive sole. Both those pairs of boots I bought in 2002.

But again do your research. I paid for these but the service has more than made it worth the money paid for them. Other boot companies can't say that.

With any boot your feet get cold. One tip is to use a dry stick deodorant on your feet to slow the sweating down. It is the moisture that over time will get you cold. Those heated insoles are worthless.
A handwarmer placed over your first sock taped on the sides to keep it on top of your toes and then a second sock works very well. But it is not good at all for walking. You will overheat quickly. Real good for a long sit tho. And great for kids.


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I look for fit and feel for sure. No doubt an inexpensive boot is inexpensive for reasons. Asking one boot to be comfortable and durable enough for miles and miles of hiking and yet OK for sitting in a blind is cold weather and remain truly water proof for eyars is a tall order.

As for "rubber" .... i do use a rubber boot during extremely wet conditions because
where I hunt, wet = sticky red clay mud by the bucket ! But i have found no rubber or rubber/neoprene boot that can survive years of walking and none that are not a "sweat box".

A good buy might be an Irish Setter brand, usually found at any Red Wing store. I
have a set that are about what you are describing. Do OK in subfreezing temps with proper socks, water proof so far and a good "hiker". Breaking the bank (??) .... I'd say expect to fork over about $150-$350 for a good quality boot such as you are describing.
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I have 6 pairs of boots depending on the weather & hunt.



Spring Turkey


Hiking with moisture







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For whitetail hunting I always where rubber boots. I like Muck boots. I have the Woodymax for early season and Arctic for the cold late season.

When I hunt out west and the mountains I wear leather boots. I have a pair of Meindl Perfekt Hunter boots. Had them for 10 years now.
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I have one pair , for all applications. Danner pronghorns. I wear them almost every day of the year.they generally last a year, two at most. but they get worn. I believe they are 800 gr and are waterproof. I KNOW MANY SAT INSULATED BOOTS MAKE THEIR FEET SWEAT, I guess I am lucky to have never had that problem. I find that so long as my boots are a little loose my feet stay warm if they fit tight, they do not

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