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Hunting Boots

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Originally Posted by kidoggy
I have one pair , for all applications. Danner pronghorns. I wear them almost every day of the year.they generally last a year, two at most. but they get worn. I believe they are 800 gr and are waterproof. I KNOW MANY SAT INSULATED BOOTS MAKE THEIR FEET SWEAT, I guess I am lucky to have never had that problem. I find that so long as my boots are a little loose my feet stay warm if they fit tight, they do not
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For hunting I wear palladium leather boots . They are waterproof, comfortable, warm and made of great quality of material. I wear them for about 2 years. Really good durability.

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Originally Posted by tman599
I am in need of a pair of insulated(preferably waterproof also) hunting boots. The weather here is normally mild but can drop down into the teens on occasion so I would like a pair that could keep me warm in the twenties but also be wearable through the forties and won't break the bank. Thanks
Muck Boots - Woody Max
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Originally Posted by Rob in VT
For whitetail hunting I always where rubber boots. I like Muck boots. I have the Woodymax for early season and Arctic for the cold late season.

When I hunt out west and the mountains I wear leather boots. I have a pair of Meindl Perfekt Hunter boots. Had them for 10 years now.
I also like the Meidl, wore the Perfekt model for twenty years then switched over to the Island model because they are lighter. The Perfekt is a better boot.

A little of the proper boot dressing occasionally and the tops last forever. A pair of soles lasts me a year with the Island, two years with the Perfekt.

I wear the same boot all year, I just change up the socks.

Like mentioned, a half size too big is better than a half size too small.

I came home from Nam with a shattered ankle. Meindl is the only thing that has kept me walking. The Germans make a great boot.

My feet rarely get really cold. My Meidls work until around 0 F. And aren't unbearably hot until the temp gets above 85 F.

A little trick I learned when it gets really cold while sitting (below 0 F.) Loosen your laces and stick your feet, boots and all, in your empty back pack. If you toss a hand warmer in there also, it gets toasty fast.

Meindl is pricey but IMO worth it, I've never found a more comfortable boot after break in. I have half a dozen experimental boots I've tried, that I never wore again after the first week. I really need a good fitting upper, with good ankle support.

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Default In warmer weather

I've worn military uninsulated boots. Put on a pair of woolen socks when it got colder. Got them at good prices.
For the real wintry cold I have an old pair of Sorel Sno Pak boots, and a close out pair of more "modern" fully rubber insulated boots.

On winter hikes, I started wearing wool gaiters over low cut hiking shoes with wool socks. I use a heavy duty silicone spray (auto stores) to cheaply waterproof the hiking shoes. And they are not the $70 gaiters. Found the gaiters in an army surplus store.
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I hunt in Woodymax and also have a few no name pairs I got from my uncle that work damn well.. wish I could buy them new but no idea how to find them lol.
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Default For hunting under 40 degrees

I personally recommended a rubber insulated boot in minus 40 weather.

As I already had some uninsulated military boots, I also went the old military way of using Swiss military winter gaiters, pressed wool exterior.

The gaiters kept the legs and ankles warm and keep out snow. They could work for cold weather hunting and just cold weather hiking.
Saved me from using up the rubber insulated boots in hikes and were much better in 20 to 40 degree weather. The gaiters worked great with low cut athletic shoes.

The only problem I see with gaiters is use by anyone with large legs. The one piece gaiter would present a problem. Of course, the military gaiters were designed for fit military types, usually in their twenties. For these people it could just be insulated warm rubber boots.
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I wear rubber knee high Burly Lacrosse boots most of the time, for spring turkey hunting and fall bow hunting. But when the temps really start to drop, nothing beats a good quality pak boot. As long as your moving around, a rubber boot like the Lacrosse works fine. It's when your sitting on a stand for hours on end when the pak boots really shine. Made for sedentary activities.
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I have a pair of ankle high and a pair of 8 inch Hi Tech leather insulated waterproof boots. I have been using them for 5 or 6 years and I have yet to get cold feet while on stand. I wear the ankle high more than the 8 inch boots. In high snow and for turkey I wear a pair of Cabelas rubber camo boots that have light insulation in them. I have hunted in some cold wet weather and walked across streams in the leather boots and never had cold or wet feet while on stand.
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Default Reminds me

I sat for a time on the ground. But never used a tree stand in PA for hours. I always was reminded that bridges always freeze first. Sitting on a tree stand suspended in the air, is a lot like bridges. If you think about it.
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