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Self Filming Hunts

Old 09-08-2015, 10:24 AM
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Default Self Filming Hunts

How many guys self film hunts here? Me and my friends are going to start filming all of our hunts this year and put together some nice videos. Anyone else do this on youtube or just for their own sake? We already made a couple videos and would like some feedback and advice. Thanks!
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Old 09-09-2015, 06:54 AM
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I don't self film my hunts but have thought about it, I do believe it does add to a hunters repertoire in regards to gathering information. Alot of information can be gleamed from watching a video playback of what went wrong no different then sports teams that record their games. I did used to film my fishing adventures with two go pros but have since sold the cameras and lost the external hard drive with all my video so first advice I can offer is save all your videos and then make a copy to another drive. External 4tb USB 3.0 drives are relatively cheap and can offer you a great backup for many things.

Second piece of advice I can offer is try to appear composed and collected. If you are going to want to take this further then YouTube, then you want to look professional. From the first monologue in the tree stand to the next I can either see the shadows of the cameraman himself swatting or the individual being interviewed constantly being distracted by bugs. Bug spray wont be detected on camera and will make you two or four look more composed.

Next, the way you guys talk will be what people will be hearing. Try to not use um's as much as you did or talk like the gentlemen at 3:00 by saying things like this corn looking stuff. Be informed and those looking into your videos will more than likely learn from what you talk about if you display that knowledge. That leads me to the next part.

Dont ever use things like it, that or they. Replace these types of words with nouns and such. Like when the gentleman at 3:17 said planting some seed by this tree line but you cant see that right now, you guys did the same thing at ~7:12 about a beans plot we cant see. Something your describing but not showing does nothing for a viewer. Take the moment to video the area and cut the video in with audio of him talking being dubbed in.

You guys are missing alot of the "why's" when you are talking about things. You explain what you are doing in very limited sentences but not explaining the why you are doing these things. You guys can gain alot of experience and viewership by informing those watching.

Take a look at this guys post but also see what he talks about in his video. He is presentable and informative which can really help you guys out.

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Old 09-29-2015, 05:55 AM
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...does "accidentally" filming your hunt count?

I've thought it would be cool to film... but I'm always afraid of extra movements - even to turn cameras on if they're already setup, let alone setting up cameras.

I just got lucky with mine and happened to be changing the card out on my trail camera.
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I agree with working on your fly swatting and talking points. I thought the footage you had and a lot of the editing was excellent. I would try to keep the mics or cameras out of the wind though. You can always record some of that stuff at a time that doesn't effect your product. You guys have half of it locked up right there. Keep that up. I also do a little filming, only with my two sony handi cams. They are ok but nothing worth posting.

What I do use is a script for on camera monologues. Write it down and read it a few times. It will help with a lot of the speaking no nos. Some things cannot be scripted. But have a list of things you want to get into the shots on camera. Things like equipment you use, areas you hunt, don't give specifics but counties or nearby locations can help the viewer picture the hunt better.

Overall, I really liked your videos. Keep working on them and and bettering your product. Way to go guys. I'll be watching for them.
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I use to be with a few local shows but just film and share my hunts on youtube.

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Old 10-26-2015, 07:18 AM
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oldsaltydog has some good tips that seem would be beneficial to you or anyone else planning on filming.
It also looks like you guys are having a lot of fun with it, That's what it's all about to me.

Good luck on your hit list this season.

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I self film most of my hunts and rarely have a camera man... I kind of dissagree with the comments about acting professional, and making sure you talk a certain way... I say be yourself and have fun, I certainly don't want to watch video's that are scripted or people making believe they are something there not... I say it like it is in my clips, and I just am who I am, and a lot of my hunts have been featured on on TV shows...
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