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JRich...I don't recommend those two standsites near "rockville". I would expect a buck bed to located just above the "e" in rockville on that point with a west wind. At those lower positions...1)He can see you below. 2) Your thermal will pull uphill when the sun is shining on the forest floor and he will smell you. 3) The winds are going to swirl pretty nasty down in those spots and he's going to pick you off.
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Just something to throw out there, may be applicable, may not, but if you are looking for a bedding area. You can watch the other wildlife, anything from birds to Fox. Don't know why, but wildlife often tends to gather in certain areas during the day. I use my Binoculars a lot.

I've noticed Deer, Pheasant (and other Birds), Fox and other wildlife all in one area. Not exclusively, but it often seems to be the wildlife density just increases in certain spots. Maybe there is strength in numbers and they are some sort of early warning association?

I sure don't understand it, just know it to be a tendency.

I wouldn't count on water as being a regular predictable thing. Depends on how much moisture is in whatever they are eating. The exception is dry hot country.

The order of predictability is food, then bedding, then water IMO. Bedding may even be the most predictable in the morning after they feed.

If you are looking for Bucks in rutting season, find the Doe.

Speaking of water, early mating season I've seen more than a few Bucks camp out next to water in the brush, mostly looking for a fight.

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This area that I am showing is not going to be my primary stand to land a big buck. This area is going to be my freezer filler. I designated an area far from this area to locate a buck. I am only going to hunt it on a perfect wind. I am trying to just get into a stand that'll produce meat, and a good view lol. But on a serious note this blue pond area is an area that quantity would mean more than quality. So i guess what I am trying to find is a spot that would produce the most opportunity. I have an area that my family owns that has very good quality deer. I have been putting trail cams out for 2 and a half years. But never hunted it.
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I would look into that spot between the "MT" higher up on that small ridge. The small pond might funnel deer right to you.
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