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squeaky clean

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Default squeaky clean

OK how many guys or gals go out hunting
Squeaky clean
Take two showers with some special soap
Put on clean under ware washed in special soap
Put on 5 layers of hunting duds. Then tape up all the joints
Then spray your self all down with something. Then
Put on your old smelly boots and grab your smelly
Gun and go hunting?
Or due you just grab your old hunting jacket and hat pickup your rifle and go.
Check the wind direction. And skip all the rest ?
Guess witch one I pick.
I hope I am posting this in the right forum.
I forgot you have to store your hunt' n duds in the root
Celler or compost pile for 6 wks. Before hunting season
So they smell like the outdoors.

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Default Then the deer avoids you...

because you smell like nothing the deer ever smelled before.
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Since I walk my dog thru the woods and fields by the house twice a day when hunting season comes I just dress in warmer clothing for sitting and go to the blind I chose to hunt from that day.

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During bow season I take a shower every time before I go out. My cloths are washed and hung outside. And all equipment is sprayed down with scent killer, including myself. Does it work? Maybe not all the time, but I have had a lot of deer come down wind of me and they don't seem to smell me. So I guess I'll keep up the regiment.
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I pay attention to the wind and hunt
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I don't go through all that, never did. I have killed deer upwind and downwind and back when I still smoked I had a cigarette in my mouth almost everytime I pulled the trigger. All the deer on and around where I hunt smell humans, dogs, cattle and horses and all the smells that go with them on a daily basis.
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I bow hunt from the ground and have taken my share. Best run was 3 out of 5 yr in a row.
I am sure it helps , but I am not going to get into
Watching the weather channel and finding what faze
The stars and moon are in .finding out which way the heat therm' s are moving
Across the diff. Sea levels. And what global warming is during to the northeast.
I just want to go hunting and enjoy it like my uncles and grandfather s did.
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I generally wash my stuff all before season then spray down before I go! I don't wash my self every time I go. If that scent killer works then it should cover my scent from just spraying down. Never had deer avoid me cause they smell me that I know of. Then again maybe that's why I don't know of it..
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I do try to keep as scent-free as possible,keeping my hunting clothes outside,washing with scent-free soap,wearing rubber boots,spraying down with scent-killer spray etc...!

I will say I have done much better when I cut down on any unwanted odors/smells that would give me away and I try to watch the wind direction also when Hunting.I know it works because I done much better when out Hunting,have had Deer walk right by me and group around me for a long time not smelling me and coming alert then running off while blowing and alerting all the other Deer!

I can sure tell when I get Lazy and don't take better care of my scent control and gear because it seems the Deer can sense me there from further way and just about any direction!I have plenty of nice Bucks on my wall to prove that Smarter Hunting results in Bigger Bucks.....You can Fool a Younger Buck or Doe with less preperation but it takes much more work and caution to get an Older Wiser Buck or Mature Doe.

To each His own on how they go about Hunting.....heck I'm even more cautious when Coyote/Predator Hunting since their nose is even better that a Deer!

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Bad news OD, so long as you are breathing, you are sending your scent everytime you breath out. Scent killer will do zippo for that.
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