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Default RE: Has a deer ever attacked a hunter?

This is the last paragraph from the Pittsburg Channel article:
" Malehorn said the deer was bred at a nearby private game preserve. He said deer attacks on humans are rare, and speculated that the buck might have been hungry or just playful."

My question is this: Did they think the deer was trying to eat him?
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Default RE: Has a deer ever attacked a hunter?

i think swampbuck said it best on a thread about bears:

" I have a rule, any large game within 15yds, has my crosshairs on them, any within 5yds(and moving in my general direction) has a bullet in them."
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Default RE: Has a deer ever attacked a hunter?

Wounded deer will atack a hunter there is no doubt about that. I have had a few try it but I am very careful when I aproach a downed buck Those hornes can do great damage even if they are just trying to get up and get away. I have had a few bucks fake a charge after shooting the doe they were with. I had to throw a big stick at one once before he decide to move on I was about ready to shoot him too.
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Default RE: Has a deer ever attacked a hunter?

It is not only hunters that are susceptible to attack by Buck Deer. I know personnally of two attacks on women by Bucks. One was in a suburb on Long Island about 20 years ago the other was last year near where I live here in North Ga. The woman in New York was seriously injured while the lady here in Ga. escaped injury. Bucks, particularly during the rut, are a force to be reckoned with.
The local incident here was not reported in any newspaper or journal, the one in N.Y. was widely covered at the time in " Long Island Newsday"
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Default RE: Has a deer ever attacked a hunter?

My neighbor got beat up pretty good by a buck a few years ago. He' s an old timer but I guess he is pretty tough. Also, an aquaintance years ago, prpbably in the mid-80s, straddled a buck to gut it when it " came back to life" and ran a short distance, with my friend on his back, off a rather high cliff. Someone found him behind the guard rail when they stopped to pick up the deer that was laying on the shoulder. Took him years to recover. I remember it being a big deal when he could finally draw a bow again! I think of taht every time I drive by where it happened.

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