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New bow hunter

Old 02-12-2013, 06:51 PM
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Default New bow hunter

Hey guys,
I want to get into bow hunting but don't have a lot of knowledge as far as bows. I'll primarily hunt deer and looking at a compound bow. Looking to spend around $500. What would you guys recommend. Any help would be appreciated.
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Old 02-13-2013, 03:50 AM
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If your only going to spend $500 then I would look for used bows more so than new ones. Craigslist for your area or any other place you may be able to find them would work. I say this because a top manufacturer Mathews/Hoyt, etc. is going to cost you over double that by the time you set it up. Just make sure you goto an archery shop first and get your draw length measured before you just go get one. That way you can figure out if you wanna shoot release which you will wanna do and what kind to shoot. Good luck.
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I would recommend a bow by Matthews Mission - see http://missionarchery.com/ The Craze is a good affordable bow. This is the economy line by Matthews. They are still good bows, but they are more affordable in price. And your best bet is to find a good archery shop selling this bow that has a shooting range and people willing to set up your bow for you. They will send you out the door with a product ready to use. You can purchase the release and dropdown site separately ahead of time to save a little money. For this bow we used the dropdown rest by Quality Archer Designs (QAD) ($60) and the Tru Ball Stinger Release ($40). I like this release because it does not have a hair-trigger like other releases. Ask about a whisker biscuit type rest - many like this one too. You should be able to get all of this and maybe even a target for a little under $500.

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Not clear whether $500 is the budget for the bow only, bow + accessories (site, arrow rest, etc), or for everything (i.e., arrows, broadheads, case). But, keep an eye on the big-box stores as well (Basspro, Gander, Cabelas), they usually have some packages within your budget. Also, Diick's Sporting Goods tends to clearance stuff this time of year if you have one near you. I bought used off Ebay about 5 years ago, and still have (and love) the bow (Hoyt Trykon).
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See if there's a place near you that sells bows and has a range so you can test them, look through the economy bows and used bows.

Find what fits you and your price range... if you can get some degree of consistency out of a $200 - $300 dollar bow when you're just starting out, it will kill an animal just as dead as a $1000 dollar bow, provided you can hit the target. You shouldn't need to break the bank to get into bowhunting.
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Forge bows are top quality but low price cause they don't dump a ton of money in advertising.
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Lots of good info here...I bought the Mission Craze Bow and love it,nice short 28 inches axel to axel and it can be adjusted to fit many different size and age Shooters plus it is afforadable!

The prices I've seen on them range from around $300.00-$329.00 depending on the mark up on them,they are very nice Bows and can be adjusted up to 70lb draw.
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To be honest I'm not overly concerned about price and just used $500 as a base. I'm willing to spend more if it will make a huge difference and or last longer than say a $350 bow. The main thing I'm looking for is brand that has a good reputation. I'll check out the few listed here. Thanks guys.
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I'm also new to bow hunting. I just recently bought a used Mathews Z7 Extreme on Craigslist for $800.00 fully loaded. The bow came with a wrist strap, stabilizer, 5-pin sight and QAD drop away rest. I'm getting ready to buy the Trophy Ridge React 5-pin sight. Right now I'm working on my consistency, trying to shoot at least 10-arrows every night.
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Merkdog, I can't stress enough what others have said about going to a good archery shop and get measured for draw length and comfortable poundage that you can handle. A good shop should do this for free. Also, don't get hung up on a brand name. All the companies out there warranty their bows for life. I have worked in various archery pro shops over the years and I have yet to run into a company that has not taken care of the customer. Most usually go above and beyond and replace parts free of charge that the customer admitted to breaking or causing the failure themselves. You need to shoot a few bows that you like and buy the one that feels the best to you. Most of the companies have package deals that start around the $500.00 mark. They are good bows that will work well for someone starting out. Keep in mind when looking at a package deal if you will be happy with the accessories that are coming with the bow, or will you be replacing them soon. If so you would be better off buying a bare bow and adding what you will like to it. This is also where a good archery shop comes in handy. They should give you an honest assessment of the equipment and suggestions for improvement. You can find some good deals at the big box stores but archery shops tend to give better service if you buy from them. If you consider a used bow, also purchase at a reliable source or have someone who is very knowledgeable of bows look at it for you before buying. Cracked limbs can be hard to spot sometimes. Archery is a wonderful and sometimes addicting sport. Good luck. HD.
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