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Hi guys im BucCrzy and I am new to this forum and an avid white tail hunter. I have a quick question about what type of rifle i should get and i am split between a Savage Axis accutrigger shooting a .243 win or a Remington 700 shooting a .243. My second question is, does a .243 depending on the grain of bullet but does it have enough stopping power to bring down a trophy buck and 800+ yards?

Thank you
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Savage over Remington just because I'm not a Remington fan, even though their action is right up near the top. NO, the .243 is not designed for that kind of yardage for clean, humane kills on deer size game, but it will do a number on antelope with 100 grain ammo at half that distance and to varmints with smaller grain ammo designed specifically for that purpose further out. It will not buck the wind like a 25-06 and bigger calibers will, so that also comes into play when you're talking distance shooting. If you're looking for long range calibers for deer and bigger, you need to go up the ladder a ways. Here is a quick synopsis taken from a ballistics website I like:

The .243 produces its fastest kills inside 200 yards or at impact velocities above 2650fps. Inside this range, internal wounding with select projectiles can be incredibly fierce with lung wounds as wide as 3”. Beyond 200 yards, animals may show little sign of being hit and are able to cover considerable distances regardless of wounding. Out at between 300 and 400 yards, the .243 is still capable of producing a wide wound channel through vitals, usually around 1” in diameter. Nevertheless, wind drift can make exact shot placement difficult, leading to very slow kills. Rear lung shot game (40-60kg) can take several minutes to expire.

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Personally i would not shoot deer over 300 yds on a calm day with a 243. Yes farther is possible but the way i sight in 300 is maximum leaving a slight leeway. Not knocking the round but even with best bullet i,d like a little bigger for large deer.
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You may want to look at some of the 6.5mm calibers aka .264s shooting 120-140gr bullets. That would be the minimum i would consider past 500 yards. Even at 800yards they are going to be iffy without a perfect shot.
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Maybe not at 800 plus but I saw a guy drop a 300 pound trophy in its tracks at 250 I have killed all my deer but 1 with a 243 and they haven't budged after Gettin hit 100 grain gore lokts is what I use in my model seven. It is basically a 700 wih a shorter Barrel. I trust that cartridge against any deer I ever plan on huntin
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250 and 800 are just a tad apart and a lot of ft/lbs. difference there mate!!!
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I am not even going to comment !?!
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If your dead set on 243 which is a fine round very versital you will be shooting alot less then 800 yrds. Best inside of 300, IMO. If your willing to change the calibar you can open up all kinds of possibilities but with them comes skill and practice. Im assuming your newer to hunting with your 800m comment so Id like to give a bit of advise. You dont buy a 16 yr old a Corvett for there first car cause they dont have the experince to handle what that car can do. Same with guns You can kill deer all day with a 243 inside 300 yrds and be a great hunter. You dont need to start your hunting experince with 1000$ invested in long range shooting equipemnt when your learning the ropes.

Good Luck Niccum
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Why are you even pondering 800 yards, let alone 800 yards and a 243, just curious about your thought process?
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Originally Posted by WestVirginiaBrent
Why are you even pondering 800 yards, let alone 800 yards and a 243, just curious about your thought process?
+300 yards is more than most hunters should be shooting, even with more potent calibers! And I will defend the .243 as a deer caliber anyday, just not beyond 2-300 yards!
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