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You want a round to have 800 ft/lbs when it hits it's target, I don't know what a 243 carries at 800 yards, but I wouldn't try an 800 yard shot with anything under a 300 magnum, and yes I know other calibers can do it.

As for me personally, my farthest kill was 398 yards with a 30-06 in perfect conditions. I only have like 2 spots that you could even shoot past 250 yards. I'm confident to 400 yards but don't look for those kinds of shots, and I took the average of my shots over the year and it was 66 yards.
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Welcome to the forum bucCrzy.

The 243 is a good cartridge to start with and you will be able to use it this year for varmints.

Usually bullet weights of 100 grs are used for deer and the lighter 80 grs or so for varmints.

The Savage an ok entry level rifle. I favor it over the Rem.

I have been hunting deer since 1953 and got my first 243 in 1957.

I don't shoot at game over 300 yds. Try to get closer.

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WVB---According to ballistics tables the 100 grain Partition will have about 1173 ft/lbs at 300 yards out of a 22" barrel and the 105 grain A Max will have about 1383 ft/lbs at 300 yards out of the same barrel. That's basicly why I said I'd go out to about 400 yards with it on antelope with no problem.
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RR---I dont have a table with that baby on there, but without a doubt that would be a a hummer in that barrel length and would take it way on out there where you like to shoot! Do you have a .243 in your arsenal?
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Originally Posted by bucCrzy
Hi guys im BucCrzy and I am new to this forum and an avid white tail hunter. I have a quick question about what type of rifle i should get and i am split between a Savage Axis accutrigger shooting a .243 win or a Remington 700 shooting a .243. My second question is, does a .243 depending on the grain of bullet but does it have enough stopping power to bring down a trophy buck and 800+ yards?

Thank you
If your contemplating shooting that far your glass is going to be 2x more expensive than your rifles. I kind of feel this guy is trolling or his isn't an "avid" whitetail hunter.
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Buc Crzy. if you're serious about longrange hunting RidgeRunner is the guy to be talking to...
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800 yards is a long shot and RR is right you won't be carrying your standard hunting rifle to take these kinda shots. 650 yards is the farthest I've ever killed a big game animal with a standard hunting rifle. Anything past 500 yards is pushing the elements without proper knowledge of one shot kills. But hey it's done year after year. I just think a different set up would have a better outcome time after time.
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