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Rookie Hunter

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Default Rookie Hunter

I've always wanted to get into hunting, just never really had the time before now. I just want to know where do I start.

For a new hunter, what would the best gun choice be?

What is the best game to hunt for a Rookie?

And what gear would I need to actually go out on a hunt?

Would appreciate some feedback, thank you.
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It all depends where you live, how much you want to spend and what game you can hunt in your area. I started off with an old 16ga bolt action hunting rabbits and birds. Only "gear" i had was an orange vest.

Now the gun I use now is a Remington 870 which I think is a very good gun for the value. I have also had good luck with the Mossbergs. 12ga or 20ga doesn't really matter. You can hunt all sorts of game with both of those guns.

For gear you will want to invest in some hunter orange and some good boots. You don't need all of the fancy expensive clothes. If your going to be in a stand hunting deer make sure you wear something to keep you warm so you can stay in the woods longer. If your going to hunt something that involves alot of walking don't overdress or you will sweat then get cold. Hope that helps a little.

Also if your new to the sport maybe find some locals that wouldn't mind you tagging along or join a hunting club in your area.
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It's be hard to make a mistake starting off hunting small game ... I'd bet a lot of us cut our "hunting teeth" on hunting squirrels and/or rabbits. I did. A decent bolt action 22 LR or 20 ga. pump would be a fine small game gun.

About all one "needs" to go out and hunt besides the right firearm would be proper clothes for the temperatures likely to be encounter, sturdy foot wear ..... and the paitience and willingness to learn woodsmanship.

Beware !! There are gobs of gimmicks out there but there are no short cuts to becoming a top notch hunter. If there were, believe me about 75% of us would have a wall filled with big 'uns. Don't get caught up in the hype !!! Reading "how to" books or articles is a a decent place to start learning, but not nearly enough. (A huntsman that would serve as your mentor would be a heck of a lot better in my opinion). Add to taht spending hour upon hour in the field watching and listening .... looking for game trails, finding "sign" , observing the critters' normal habits, etc. all goes into making your self into a good hunter. Same goes for becoming proficeint at the basic stuff like easing along without being detected, how to play the wind direction, compass & map skills ... etc. and you are on your way.

As far as which fire arm, scope, bino, cammo pattern, pack, GPS unit, boots, rain gear, ammo ... and on and on and on .... there market is saturated with fine high value gear. About any brand will do as long as you stay with as much quality as you can afford.
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In my opinion the best way is to start out by tagging along with some one that has hunted for a while let them kinda guide you thru what it takes to hunt. I started hunting when I was a teen with my brother in law, the first few times I went with him I didn't even carry a gun I just watched him and he showed me some things that he had learned by his experiences as a long time hunter. I would also recommend taking a hunter safety course, you can learn a lot about certain types of guns and of course hunter safety
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Agreed. Taking a Hunters Safety course should be the 1st thing you do!
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Default Newb

1) Read books on hunting and the game you will pursue.
2) Join a local Hunt Club and attend as many events and meetings as your schedule allows.
3) Take a Hunter Safety Course; mandatory in most states to get your hunting license.
4) Befriend a family member or friend/acquaintance that hunts. Explain that you'd like to start hunting and would be willing to accompany him or her on their hunting forays. Offer to videotape their hunt. You could learn much doing so.
5) Go out on your own after small game to start. Develope your own style.
6) Go out with others that you trust with a gun and observe their style.
7) Read these pages; there is a lifetime of experience here and much you can learn.
8) There is never a time when you will stop learning and refining your craft.

Above all, safety is paramount.

Welcome and good luck!
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Agreed with the hunter safety course as a first step.
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1.) Hunter safety absolutely the first step--often this is required to get a license.

2.) Do you have a place to hunt? That's part of the equation.

3.) Weapon--Since you're in the whitetail forum, I assume you want to deer hunt. The most important thing is getting one that you shoot well and fits the game/circumstances.

What are you hunting? Where? Are you planning on gun hunting and/or with a bow? Is it legal to hunt with rifles in your area?

Great people on this board, who can give great advice. Tell us more.
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Looks awesome, thanks mate.

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I would probably be hunting mainly Deer, Duck, and Geese most likely. I am from Illinois so there is no rifle hunting. I'm looking for a good gun that would fit well with the game above. From what I've heard, I'm probably looking at a 12 gauge, and also purchase a rifled barrel. But thats kind of a guess. If anyone can confirm or fix anything, please do so.
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