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Deer mount

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Default Deer mount

Ok I have a question for you guys. What makes a deer worthy of mounting it for you. Taxidermy isn't cheap. What things about a buck makes you want to get it mounted.

I know, or thought I did, what these things are for me.

I killed a 153" 10 point in 2007 and it was no question to mount him. He was also the first buck I did this with...partially because of money...but also my previous bucks were small. So I had said to myself I won't mount another one until I get one bigger than that one.

Enter this years buck...now I missed one buck in 2008 with a bow (fletching hit a twig) that would have been as big or bigger....and then I had another I lost (neighbor killed it later in the year) but I have not killed a buck since... but this year I took an 8 point...doesn't score great or anywhere close to the '07 buck but dang is he pretty. I saw him with my daughter a few weeks prior to season across the farm (not far from where I shot him) She was calling it her buck (sorry baby) but it worked out that he showed up for me...so this buck was one I wanted to mount...but it dawned on me after I shot him that its not really a size of deer thing for me, or not totally...its more a memory and one that suites my fancy....plus I can afford it better now...

So tell me what does it take for you...is it mere size...or are you more like me...or something totally different...or do you think people are crazy for spending that much money on a mount...whatever
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As you mentioned, it's got to be bigger than my biggest bow kill to get mounted. Not really big, but he's my best so far.
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I hear Ya!!, each deer, big or small will have a memory attached, & taxidermy is a spendy option, what I have been doing the last few years with the bucks I have taken, is doing the euro mount, its easy, kind of fun to do, & I think they look good, (not all people do) Big or small, I mount them all this way, jmop D

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my dad mounts EVERYTHING!

I will do a european mount of non-trophies, anything of reasonable size will get a shoulder mount.

for the most part though I mount everything too, but I don't shoot dinky bucks, although may start taking more management style bucks on our lease, in which case I may use antlers simply for rattling, or a european mount, real dinks I'll probably just take the antlers.

It's one thing if you shoot 5 bucks a year to not mount all of those, but 1 buck/year. It's also priorities, 1 of mine is hunting, so if that means having to eat in for a month to afford a mount, I'd do it, others wouldn't. some hunters will spend like drunken sailors elsewhere in life but come to mounts, gear, etc... they're cheap, can never go on a hunt etc... priorities!

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The "has to be bigger than my biggest" rule applies to me. However, I did mount a 4x4 that sored around 140, even though I have a bigger 5x5. The 4x4 wich is a few inches smaller, actually looks like a bigger deer. I would mount a 150 4x4 any day over a 140 5x5. While the Same number of inches of bone, the 4x4 will look much bigger. It's not all about the score.

If I ever shoot a unique buck I will probably mount it too.

I have also thought about mounting a doe to put next to the boys on the wall.
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It's a sickness for me, if it's nice, that sucker is going on my wall. After I finally got a monster buck this year, I may wait until I get another monster. I just don't like sticking a nice rack in my antler bin and not on my wall, where he will be immortal, or prized until I die anyways.
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Default Mounts

I don't consider myself a Trophy Hunter. Mounts in general have not been important however....

I have mounted two deer and one duck.
My first deer was mounted because I just thought it was 'the thing to do'. That first mount was an important lesson for me. Expensive and eventually, it wasn't a great taxidermy job and was lost over time. Eventually, I began to realize that a mounted deer or whatever was just not important to me.

The duck was a different thing altogether. I shot this duck in a swampy tidal marsh close to legal light in the evening. He landed wounded. My Springer "Cleo" and I searched for this Woody for an hour in the dark. No go. Then as we were leaving to get some flashlights and lamps she jumped into a swamp run-off creek and came back with this duck. I never would have retrieved this duck without her.

She died the next week in front of my house from an impact with a car.

I took the duck to a local and somewhat reknown taxidermist to have it mounted. I never thought it would become important to me to have a mount done but there I was.

The last mount was a 305 pound monster my Youngest son and I took in Catskill this year. Again, I wasn't looking to mount a deer but this deer is an important milestone for me. My sons first foray at deer hunting and it was a monster from on top of the mountain. My son was instrumental in bagging this gray ghost. If not for him, I never would have shot this creature.

In short, if you think it important to mount, you will know it inside. If you find yourself considering a mount more than before with other, lesser deer, then you should capture the moment whatever the cost.

Nothing will bring that moment back faster or with more reality than having the creature looking back at you in your 'place of respect'.

My $.02
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For me its all about the memories not the size. I have mounts ranging from huge to small, I have one at the taxidermist from this year that scores a 148, not my biggest, not my smallest but it was the best shot I ever made on a deer so it is being mounted. A memory that will always be on my wall.
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My first buck was a 6 pt. Rack wasn't all that impressive but being my first buck, I had him mounted. I don't regret it. It's still a trophy to me and I think that it's up to the person. I would'nt mount another one that size now but I also don't shoot'em that size anymore. Now if I was to get a great 6 pt or a good 8pt, I'd get them mounted. I see nothing wrong with mounting any deer if you like it.
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You guys will probably make fun of me but I have a spike mounted because he was my first buck and a 4pt because he was my first rutting buck :/. I don't care about size it's the memories that matter to me
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