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How do you attract deer?

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Default How do you attract deer?

Hey Everybody!

Hey I recently ordered some stuuf off of cabelas to become more prepared for hunting...as in stead of just pushing and just sitting around waiting I would like just to sit and lure them to me. I recently purchased the following in hopes of success!

-Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Attractant
-Primos "Can" Family Pack (has three cans for different uses)
-Knight and Hale Mag Pack Rack (larger version)
-Evolved Habitats Acorn Frenzy
-Birdola Corn and Pumpkin Mix
-Trophy Rock Mineral Rock
-Team Fitzgerald Deer Dander Attractant

I purchased these mainly because of the views they had on cabelas, as I didnt really think about joing a hunting forums till now.

Questions is how would you use these things? I plan on just placing a mixture of the acorn, corn,pumpkin and apple obsession around the mineral rock. Then I would go back to my stop to sit and watch while using the cans and rack pack. Also I have never used the deer dander attractant, so I guess I just spray on my clothes and gear and just walk in the woods right?

Thanks everyone, new here!

Also what do you use?
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spread em out instead, see what they do and do not like. alot of that stuff is gimmick imo just want ya to spend yer bread. so spread it out 50 feet/yards apart and see what gets gone the fastest.
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I don't use any lures or scents, etc. and have been pretty successful over many years of hunting by scouting and hunting them on their own terms. It has always been my feeling that baiting only makes deer lazy when they know there is stuff they can easily get to and it makes them more nocturnal than they already are by nature.
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I use doe estrus from time to time during the rut. Haven't tried food-based scents in a while; never had much luck with them, and its just something else to carry. The rack pack is probably more effective in the days building up to the rut, as it simulates breeding behavior. Same thing with the can calls -- supposed to simulate an estrus bleat. So, unless the rut is going where you are at, probably not going to do much good. Some reports of second rut around here (Illinois) so maybe worth a shot.
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I rarely try to attract a deer, unless it's a buck that won't be coming in my direction during the rut. Other than that, my main goal is to just try to go undetected, and be shooting at a "relaxed" deer.
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Hey thanks for replies,

Here in new york, westchester if anyone familar. In my hunting area thier are marks on trees showing the marks of antlers (don't know what exactly called). I figure i give it a shot with these attractants, never know. I will update if anything...I should of bought a camera to mount infront of food pile to see what happends. Any good models? Also how do you keep it safe from other hunters?
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Default Pazz

There is a line of thinking that Hunters should be sneaky ba$tards and be like a black hole: Mostly undetectable until it's too late for the deer.

Another is your line of thinking: attract a deer to you using attractants.

I have used attractants with one success: Tinks 69. I was done humping a large ridge one morning, had on the hiking jumpsuit (no thermals for the hike as I sweat profusely). I was putting out a line of tinks on cotton-balls when a gnarly 3 pointer came crashing up the ridge, following my scent line. I looked to my rifle, now 4 steps away. The buck stopped behind a tree, blocking his view of me. I reached over to my rifle, took a knee and centered the scope on the tree he was behind. He popped out and I re-centered on his chest and squeezed. He went 25 yards.

I've had most of my my success making a black hole to fit into and popping the hatch at the last moment.

Being scentless is the goal I believe. At least for me.

Lastly, you will want to review NYSDEC Hunting Regulations concerning your types of attractants. Anything that constitutes a food source (I.E.: Corn, Grain, Pellets, Etc) would be illegal to use while hunting for deer. Be sure the attractants you have and use are NOT food sources.

If what you have is seed for food plots, the you will want to plant these during the spring or fall of the year; not now. Be sure to have permission from the Landowner before doing this too.

If what you have are truly attractants, then hanging cotton/synthetic material saturated with the attractant should suffice. Not too high up. Don't sit too close to the scent line or you risk a deer sneaking up on YOU before you're ready.

Finally; read the miriad of posts on these pages. There's a lifetime of wisdom here.

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Welcome to the site! Personally I dont buy into the gimmicks, they might work but I have been hunting many years and kill deer every year without the aid of camo, scent killer or any other attractents. I know alot of people that use all that stuff and hardly ever kill anything. Just my observations.
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After a lot of testing, the one thing that I believe works best is food plots. If you can put something in, even a throw and grow and rake it in, that will be the best bet. I've seen and used most of everthing and nothing brings in deer (especially bucks) better than a good food plot. I think they have a second sense with food attractants. Now Doe in Heat lure is a whole different story!
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That's cheating that's not fair chase I don't have much respect for people like that. Baiting for deer. Not very ethical. IMO
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