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I killed the Joker!!

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Default I killed the Joker!!

On Friday night I was out in stand by 1330hrs and took along my basket racked 6 pt deke, jake, in a cut beanfield edge. I get up in stand 19yds off and away we go.
1530 hrs cames and goes nothing. I hear a grunt behind me in a HUGE honeysuckle thicket. Only one. I wait a bit then lightly grunt once, wait aminute or so, then doe bleat.
About 45 mins later I see a deer come out to my left about 80yds off. He sees Jake and its on!!!! He bristes up, ears layed back, walking stiff legged coming on strong!!! I then get a good look at him and its a 3-3-1/2yr old fork horn, with a busted off right antler!!!! Acting like he is the biggest thing in the woods!!!
He gets up to with 15yds and stops. He looks at jake and you could almost hear a Jeff Dunham script coming, "Are you scared yet? No?" and then lets down. Then he looks away and then back and does it again. This goes on for over 10 mins all the while he is TOTALLY downwind of me!!!!
So I am all about herd management and decide he falls into the cull buck category and here we go. Swing, MISS!!!! 24 yd wiff!!! Right over his back. He then hops off about 6-8 steps and looks like how did you make that noise and I didn't see you move!!! He comes back a bit then looses interest and walks straight away. I had earlier ranged a bush in the field at 33yds and he walked clear past that and then began to turn broadside as I was grabbing another arrow. Couldn't shoot earlier, was behind brush. I give him one grunt and he turns and stops. He looks back right at Jake and I am JUST over its back watching. He turns his head left, I draw and settle the 50yd pin in the 10ring and let the GrimReaper do what it does best. I hear the thump and off he goes. I see him hit the timber edge to my right and see the blood pouring out his lower right side.
I wait 20 mins and go find the impact spot. Head to the woods edge 20yds away. I then see 2 dark patches of what become blood spray, 1 is 6 ft long 2 ft wide and the other is almost 5 ft long and just as wide. Third one inside the woods looking like the others. Gotta love those 100grn Reapers!!! He is 20yds inside after that. Total heart and lung shot, exit through lower left shoulder. Total of impact to drop is maybe 50yds. laser ranged later at 54yd from stand to impact spot. Got 5 roasts, backstrap and tenderloins. Along with about 40 lbs of boned out meat for hamburger later. The Joker died in his last showing!!!

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awesome hunt congrats
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