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Do bucks usually only put out one rub line? >

Do bucks usually only put out one rub line?

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Do bucks usually only put out one rub line?

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Default Do bucks usually only put out one rub line?

Im trying to figure out how many decent Bucks I might have wandering my farm. I have noticed 6 different rub lines across my farm and those are only the ones I have seen. I have 400 acres so Im sure theres more that I just havent found as I dont like going on nature hikes looking for deer signs during rut and getting my scent everywhere. I have seen three of the deer responsible for them and all are wall hangers.

I just hope the other rubs are from deer just as big as all are on decent sized trees. They are all in different areas of my farm so Im assuming they all belong to different bucks? Also will a small young buck usually rub on so many trees and combine them with scrapes? Im hoping all those rubs+scrapes belong to nice deer and not just some scrub 1.5 year old 4 pointer.

Im starting to run out of stands for all these rubs/scrapes I find as I put up #10 today after finding 5 nice rubs and 2 scrapes only 20 yards behind my house. Stand overlooks some waist high pines that were planted 2 years ago I think and have oaks behind me so should be a decent spot. Have also heard deer in the woods while walking my dog out back so hoping it will be a good stand.

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no. a rub line only indicates a travel route that bucks use. there will be many bucks that use it and not every rub will have been created by one buck. bucks will rub trees that another buck had rubbed. it is impossible to tell how many mature bucks you have by the rub lines.

but deffinatly set stands along those lines as they do indicate primary travel routes for bucks.
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As a researcher, writer and author, one of my jobs is to know when the rut should occur. I've spent 10 years reseaching deer - so that I could learn more about their biolgy and behavior.

Let me use the terminology that most deer biologists and der researchers use- we call them "rub routes" becaue they are the route a buck uses at it leaves its core area in the evening, travels throughout the late evening hours to end up near a food source, before returning to another route (or the continuation of the first) to their core area in the morning. And more than one buck may follow a rub route, becaue - a der's line of travel is governed by the path of least resisance, but is overridden by the need for security, meaning they often travel on trails in gulleys, on the back sides of fencelines, just below the top of a hill, or in areas covered by vegetation.

So, generally speaking bucks have only one rub route. An easy way to determine how many you hve is to follow them from core area to nightime food source where it meets several does and back again to its daytime core area. If you find there is more than one buck core area, you probably hve more than one rub route , and more than one buck moving through your area.

Hope that helps.

God dless

Then there is the RUT ... But, before we get into dates, let's define what the term "the rut" means.

The rut defines any activity that occurs as a result of breeding behavior, including, rubbing, scraping, breeding, trailing, chasing etc. After e-mailing the deer biologists of most states I've come to realize that 'the rut" meaning rubbing AND scraping, begins right around the last week of August for most northern and middle latitude states, earlier for many southen states.

Breeding generally begins in middle October, really kicks in about the last week of October and peaks during the second week of November (8-15th) and continues at noticeable levels into the second week of December, with breedding in many states occuring as late as January or early February.

We need to remember that during the "peak of the rut" (the one week of the year when more does get bred than any other wek) only 30% of the does get bred. That mens that the other 70% ae scattered throuhout the rut.

To find out when peak rut (peak Breeding occurs in you are, Google "Peak Rut Dates" or "Peak Whitetail breeding"

Then realize that peak sightings of bucks during daylight hours often occurs during the last two weeks of October, as the bucks cruise their rub routes, looking for trailing, chasing and breeding does.

This is often the bestime to hunt bucks, because htey are fairly predictable as to when and where they can be seen. Once a lotofdoes come nto estrus the bucks abandon their rub routes to follow the does, which makes them fairly un-predictable.

God bless, and good hunting,
T.R. Michels
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I have also noticed more fresh ones popping up lately with the wood shavings still hanging off and the tree will still be moist looking, obviously not touching them to put my scent there but when we put that stand up yesterday those rubs look like they were done the night before.

Oh well off to check 2 cams I set up 4 days ago facing some fresh rubs to see where I wanna hunt tonight and tomorrow morning. I hate having so many good stands makes it confusing as hell when I decide to go hutning. All of them either over look food, great places to bed down, and all have good doe traffic.
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