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Mock Scrapes

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Default Mock Scrapes

Do any of you all have success with mock scrapes? If so, what do you use in them? Things are just starting here in KY where my land is. I havent found any scrapes yet, but expect to see some this weekend and was toying with the idea of putting out some mock scrapes. What is your opinion on them?
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Two years ago i made a mock scrape to show my little brother how to make them. Didnt do anything to it. In less than a week i had activity from a buck on it. I later shot that buck opening day of gun. My dad and i used to use unscented tampons before they came out with the things you can hang in trees. We used to take one and hang it in a tree once we dipped it in buck urine or doe urine. Ive had good luck with mock scrapes. Hope this helps.
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I have used them every year.
I view them as an additional tactic to my arsenal.
best case scenario they work.....worst is you spent some extra money on lures and time
I have harvested 2 bucks over mock scrapes so I think its worth your time
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you may think Im being dumb but the best mock scrapes Ive ever made I pissed in myself..It costs nothing and its crazy the action you see when you have a trail cam on it
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When i did make them it was within shot range of favorite stand sites. Best results were on an edge bucks leaving river valley passed through when cruising for doe group checks.
I peed in them whenever using site. Most important aspect to a scrape that gets worked repeatedly (my opinion, lets not fight) is a licking branch coming down from above to deers eye level at ground. Add one if you have to! Putting a scrape where you would be hunting because of traffic of deer in general or a particular buck in my opinion well worth your trying. Put it upwind of your hiding spot. A couple foot diameter exposing bare earth will help earth and urine scent and show any hoof signitures from visitors during your absence. Any scent i added from bottle would be on rag out of reach above scrape. Have fun!.
P.s. yes i,ve had bucks visit while i was there!

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