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Over-hyped and Overrated?

Old 11-01-2012, 05:01 PM
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hello everyone. I'd like to throw my .02 in. I personally have never had a deer come in due to calls or scent. The only thing i do is wash my clothes in water and baking soda, and use a little scent killer upon getting dressed. Have had alot of deer come from downwind. I;ve had more deer get spooked by calls than not. To each his own.
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I've hunted for a lot, a whole lot of years and tried a lot of things.Some work sometime,none work all the time.
What I've found that have worked the most often for me are,True Talker deer call,scent killer,Tinks rut smoke sticks(the rut HAS to be on),leaf suits(the only camo I buy you can wear anything under it),Wal-mart doe pee(great cover scent that I spray around me never on me).That's about all I need to hunt.
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Default funny thing about this article

Funny thing about this article, I had the same thought. Well, I have always been a little skepticle about all these scent products out there.. I guess as hunters we want to believe, so badly, that all this stuff works, and we try to not question the legitimacy of these companys. But I just had to know, so I did somthing I have thought of doing for a long time. On monday, which was 4-days ago, I e-mailed Tinks. I asked them about there tinks 69 product. I purchased a bottle last year and wondered if it would still be good this year, I also asked them why they don't put an experation date on the product, so we can purchase the freshest scents from our retailer... guess what !! They didn't respond. I kinda figure they wouldn't. Then I tried to put myself in there shoes. Look, if they dated there product there dealers would not order anymore than they think they could sell in one season, because who would buy an out dated product, and you know the company would loose money if they had to buy unused out dated product back from dealer. I, as a consumer of other goods, don't fall for other's advertising hype. but when it comes to hunting or fishing, ( I regret to say ) ' I Jump in with both feet"... I have a little story I need to tell that somewhat applys here, I worked at a boat factory in Minnesota for over 30 years, there was one occasion, where one employee was chosen to get a chance to fish with the pro's, these two guys had a fishing program on televison, which is broadcast through out the midwest. Now this lucky employee was a good friend of mine, and we had fished a few tournaments together. so he was very excited to get the chance, maybe to learn from the pro's, well he met up with the two brothers, along with the TV crew and there people, they were there promoting a new lure that was suppose to be deadly on walleyes. ( or so they said ) Heres the deal, The two pros, along with my buddy would cast these lures out, they would then shut the cameras off, real in the lures, cast it out again, but into the camera boat, were they would hook on some nice fish they had brought with them ( apparantly from there tanks back at there facility) put them in the water, and turn the cameras back on, as these pro's would fight them back to there boat, and then begin to tell the story of how they where working a small hump in middle of the lake, when in actuality they were only in three foot of water, right off the public access. Oh, and some of these fish were used many times throughout the day ...
This is just one example, that makes me question. can we as sportsmen, honestly believe what we are told, Personaly, I can no longer watch a fishing or hunting show , without thinking of this instance.
Just My Opinion, Stevie
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99.8% commercialized (opinion). My strategy is take a dump at home before hittin the woods, then be very still once on stand.
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Of course it is all hype.

Most of these toys are gimmicks, and work marginally at best. I've grunted & bleated at deer that I could see, all they did was look over for a second & go back to eating. I know rattling works occasionally when there is a large buck/doe ratio, but I don't hunt these kinds of places.

The estrous? Occasionally a SMALL buck will fall for it when bucks are chasing does full throttle, but that's about the best you'll do.

Save your money, put in your time, and try to keep the wind in your face. It's not really rocket science.
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Originally Posted by hatchieluvr View Post
i decided many moons ago, especially when chasing old bucks... The last thing you want to do is start them looking/smelling/expecting anything! It's hard enough to fool them long enough to have them come sauntering by you without figuring out you are nearby and about to drop the hammer on them. The last thing i want to do is cue up their senses and put them on the lookout for whatever it is xyzpdq product may or may not cause them to do.

"3-d camo", scent containment, sprays, scents, bla bla bla... Just a bunch of crap whose biggest purpose is to seperate the consumer from his $$$. That's fine and dandy, this is america and we are a consumer driven economy but for alot of these clowns i think they honestly believe their own garbage and i really get mad when they induce the young/novice hunters into believing that without all these gadgets, gizmos, tricks and hooey that success is impossible.

Just go get downwind of a likely spot and wait!!! This aint "rocket surgery".
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Myself I don't buy into al the hype and sales pitching. I guess I'm kinda set in my ways and a tough sell.

To me though it seems that at least 50% of hunters will see the latest, greatest hunting gadgets and throw money. That 50% will increase steadily because that is just how so much of the younger generations are. Gotta have it. Can't go without it. All my friends have it......

And the manufacturers of the products invest greatly in their advertising to make sure they get the attention of those guys.
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Originally Posted by Tundra10 View Post
99.8% commercialized (opinion). My strategy is take a dump at home before hittin the woods, then be very still once on stand.
Not only hliarious...effective as well!
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99% of the attractant/deer scent stuff is bogus along with all the other things that aren't needed. Take the Acorn Cruncher for example!!
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My thought.....if you like to hunt and put your time in on stand, you will be successful. Those that want to walk in 100 yards off the road, 15 minutes before sunrise and sit until 9am are those that buy this stuff. Any perceived edge they can get they will try to purchase because walking a mile in on public land and sitting all day is not something they will do.

This stuff wasn't around 30 years ago when I sat stand all day with my dad, changing stands as the wind changed and we have put many deer in the freezer over the years.
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