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useing deer calls

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Default useing deer calls

Hey guyís Iím just wondering what everyoneís opinion is on when itís too late or to early in the season to throw out a grunt or a bleat when that buck is just out of range. I personally will call at a buck around the 15th of oct every year when the bachelor groups r slimming down and I will continue using diff calling methods till the season closes wherever Iím hunting. Has anyone ever had any luck using calls really early in the season when the bucks r still in bachelor groups? If so drop your tricks on in here!!
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Last year, the end of the first week of bow season here in Tenn. which would be around the last few days of September, I saw a lone 7 point walking the edge of a corn field. The deer was probably 100 yards away. I grunted at him and looked as if he ran into a wall he stopped so quick. I gave him another 2 quick short grunts, and that deer ran to within 20 yards. On the same hand, I have seen them stop and look, but never commit. So in my case, I think it's up to the deer. What mood he's in or what's on his mind. I use a [email protected] small can all the time during early season and does will respond. To answer your question, I am going to call all year from start to finish. Just not as aggressive early. But I am not going to be without a call in my gear.
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A very controversial subject. You could get many varying opinions on it. It really all depends on the part of the country you are in, north, south, east, west, the weather conditions for that year, whether it is an early or late rut, and of course how agressive or passive you are in calling.

On an early season bow hunt in 2005 in south Ne. It was last light of the day, and I hadn't seen the 2 bucks that I had seen every other time I had scouted the property. I was in a blind, sandwiched into a row of round bales, on an alfalfa field. I was getting ready to pack my gear to go, when I decided to take one last look. The two bucks had come in from the south and were headed north to me, up the row of hay bales, slowly grazing the way along. They were only 30 yds from me, but I had no shot due to the hay bale next to me. Losing light fast, and over anxious to get them to me sooner, I gave a short grunt. OMG, those 2 bucks took off like they were shot out of a cannon. lol I don't even carry a grunt with me since that time. If I need to, I can do a good enough grunt to stop a buck, or whistle or yell. lol They all work. I will carry a doe bleat though.

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Best deer "call" I have used is the rack pack I think made by primos. Simple compact rattle call that have brought deer simply running to me. Works best during the rut obviously when those bucks have nothing but does on their mind...
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My experience with grunt calls is they work all season, if used correctly. There are more ways to use a simple grunt call than some people think. For starters, I've learned never to use a grunt call if a buck is very close, they will run away. Bleet calls have only worked around the rut (pre- and post-). I like to use short grunts early in season, I've called in bachelor groups every year with short grunts (leaves on trees) and other types (more aggressive) of grunts during other parts of the season.
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