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.308 calibre for whitetail

Old 09-07-2003, 12:11 PM
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Default .308 calibre for whitetail

Is a .308 a good calibre for deer, I have a friend who wants to swap me a .308 for my 30-06. The .308 fits me way better than my 30-06 but I' m not sure if a .308 is good for deer.
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

A .308 is fine for Whitetail, it' s a good all around gun for any of North America' s Big Game.
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

the only diffrence is the recoil and shell legnth....the 300 has a bit more punch but the deer will never know.....ive dropped deer with both the 3006 and 308...i like them both....
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

the .308 is an excellent rifle for deer , i' ve heard it' s more accurate as well , and if the rifle fits you better then it will improve your abilities as well . if the .06 doesn' t have any significant value to you , or you wouldn' t mind trading it , i' de say go for it
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

I have a .308 and like more every time I shoot it.

Pros: The .308 is a very stable cartridge/bullet combo with almost infinite varibles when reloading. It has less recoil, it outperforms the 30-06 up to about 150 g bullets, even to 165, falls behind with 165g and heavier bullets. One of the most accrate rounds made and very forgiving when handloading. It is fun! You can shoot a lot of bullets and not get sore.

Cons: The 30-06 is a cool round too. The .308 is not a " magnum" whatever that means, and it doesn' t shoot as flat or have the velocity of the 300 big wapum mags. Magnum owners will feel superior to you beacuse of your " little round" .

I have harvested 6 deer, 5 does (3 WT, 2Mulie) and 1 buck (WT). My longest shot was 350 yds and it put her down. Inside ranges, 50-100 yds it like any other longgun is a little hot! (I am going to add a handgun, 44 Magnum to my hunting tools to the 50 yd range.) Best range for bullet performance with my handloads in my rifle is 125-225 yds.

The buck I got was full of adreanalen (sp) and would not go down as soon as I wanted, the .308 recoil allowed a cycled action without loosing sight picture or target, allowing for a needed 2nd shoot in this case. I am not about to loose or wound a deer, I will shoot again to make sure.
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

Yup as everyone else said, both catridges are excellent for deer. If your .308 fits you the best and you are more comfortable shooting it, then by all means use it! Hunting with a gun you are comfortable shooting is just as important as practicing with it. Good luck to you this season!
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

It was designed to kill big burly communists. As I understand it, it replaced the 30.06 as a military round because the casing was smaller (easier to transport and etc). Anyway, I figure if it will kill a communist, it will probably kill a deer.


(hunting a .308 Savage 99 when I can get to the NY mountains)
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

I use a 308 and love it,Ive taken many deer with it. I loaned it to a buddy.he got a nice 9 pt with it , he sold his 7 mag, to get an 308, you wont be sorry.
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

As I am sure you are probably aware, the .30-06 is in fact a .308 calibre just as the .30-40 Krag and the 300 H&H Magnum. It all depends on what you put behind it (amount and type of powder) and the weight and type of bullet used as to what it will do. Throw in the marksmanship variable and have fun.
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Default RE: .308 calibre for whitetail

I have a .308 and shoot a 180grn STBT. Hunting in the woods of northern Michigan where 50yds is a long shot I don`t have to be concerned about it not being a flat trajectory. Six of the last 7 deer I shot dropped in their tracks, the one that didn`t went a total of 31 feet. That works for me.
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Quick Reply: .308 calibre for whitetail

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