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What do you sit on?

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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander
Some in other areas far... far away sit on their haunches. I am sure in your travels flags you have seen that first hand.
Yes but this is an American site with mostly Americans posting so it is logical to assume they also sit on their butts. However you are correct in many African and Middle Eastern countries they do squat on their haunches. Pretty uncomfortable to hold that position for long though.
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My brother was a career Navy man who rotated on a 3 year assignment as a Sere Instructor in Maine. I got to visit the facility during an off time and forcing the participants into a squat position was a form of "training" they used. Americans just aren't built to allow that position for very long. He liked the navy, still carries his challenge coin and got hired in the aerospace/ military industry as a second career. I didn't visit him but another brother did when he made Chief in Florida. It was quite a ceremony.

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I do my best to not sit. The last two seasons with my wife hunting, we've done more sitting. I take a lawn chair for her. And I sit on a three legged stool that was probably a walmart special.

It doesn't have any back support, so that gets old.. But I find it allows me to watch 360deg easier than sitting in a regular lawn chair does.

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I often bring a folding chair in. i dii have a couple of old three-legged stools out in the woods that I stashed.
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usually my butt
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Go to Amazon and type in Browning Camping Huntsman Chair. This is a 3 legged chair and the legs are adjustable for uneven ground. The chair swivel 360. This is the chair I use in my Ameristep Element ground blind. Works great.
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I have used this in my PCV frame blind since way back 1993 or so. Mine is alum tubes I covered with pipe insulation to prevent noise if I were to hit it.

For my perment box blinds I use two others and a couple of bag chairs.

I like back support now adays. when I was just a pup I carryed a home made sort of directors chair short and no back. when I found a place I wanted to sit I just unfolded it.

. Al
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I've always loved the swivel blind chairs.
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Originally Posted by BoilerDaddy3
Fairly obvious for a tree stand, but I bowhunt front a popup blind for bow season and a box blind for gun season. I've used old office chairs, bag chairs buckets with a heat pad, and folding chairs...each has their pros and cons. I've seen some swivel blind seats without back it seems like they would get uncomfortable quick.

What do you use in either a popup blind or box stand and why?
Depends. When hunting from a blind, I usually sit on the ground, no chair. I often go for long hikes and bringing a chair with me is not possible, I also carry a portable blind, which is tiny.

When Turkey hunting on private land I bring a chair sometimes, but really don't mind sitting on the ground.

I am 28, so might change my mind soon.
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We use the Guide Gear 360 Degree Swivel Hunting Blind Chairs from Sportsmans Guide. You can sit for a LONG time in these, the swivel is silent and they come with a sling to carry in.

I'd post a link but I'm still a noob...
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