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.410 slugs(powerful enough?)

Old 09-05-2003, 04:08 PM
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

Given the choice I would go with the ML.But at Walmart you can get a single shot for the same price in 410,20 or 12.These are youth guns.
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I would strongly suggest not to deer hunt with a .410. If for some reason you do and its legal, keep your shots under 20 yards and don' t hit the shoulder bone, get a good braodside double lung shot.

Good Luck!
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

Nick Bales,

I' m 100% sure a .22 shell can not kill a deer. In fact I' m sure a 460 Rigby shell couldn' t either, unless they swallow it and choke on it. - just playin

I agree with the advice given, the 410 is not adequate.

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Old 09-07-2003, 09:55 AM
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

.410 slugs are illegal for deer here in KS too

Here' s something to consider: a 1/5oz slug is 87.5grains, not bad, something like a .243 weight, BUT, instead of 3000+fps, you' re lucky to get the 1830fps that the box claims (winchester super X 2.5" slugs). At the worst B.C., my Speer manual only goes down to a .12, which is probably much better than what a .410 slug really is: @ .12bc, 87.5grains @1800fps=7.19ft.lbs. per grain at the muzzle= 629.125ft.lbs. muzzle engery, 447.125ft.lbs. @50yrds, and 318.5ft.lbs. at 100yrds. Like I said, you' re lucky to get the published data, lucky to come close even with a standard length bbl, which the .9410 doesn' t have, you' d be lucky to get 1600fps mv, which drops your muzzle energy to just slightly more than the above 50yrd data. Most guys call 500ft.lbs. a minimum energy requirement for taking deer, with a .410 you' re lucky to get it at the muzzle.

Don' t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE .410' s, and I use them for more than they should be (ducks/geese), but deer hunters they are not. If you were really die hard, and exactly limited your range to ' under 20yrds' , it would make a deer gun, if it were legal, but if you' re going to haul a gun around, you want more than 20yrds range...a good 12ga (not implying a slug gun even) can get you out to 100yrds, and the limiting factor there is your accuracy, some slug guns now are capable of close to 200yrds in the right hands.

JUST ON THE GUN: I don' t know that I' ll ever buy a 9410, I may consider the marlin version though, but not likely: they' re only 2.5" chambers, not capable of much more than sqrls, rabbits and dove, the 2.5" rnds are just weak, whereas 3" loads have been my upland loads for all my life, and I' ve ALWAYS bagged more game than anyone in my hunting party (all equipped with 12' s and 20' s, except one 10ga occasoinally). I' d never take 2.5" ers out on anything I really want to hunt again, except maybe on pigeons, and that' s all that you get from the lever guns...I suppose I' ll just have to get by on the 6 .410' s I already have.
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I have killed more deer iwth shotgun than any other type of weapon due to regulations in the cointies I hunt and the style of hunting sometimes.. But I would have to say that I have taken a number of deer with the .410 now before you all go and start bashing on me I will say that the first deer I killed was with the .410 with a slug and at 40 yards.. it was a broad side standing shot. it only ran around 50 yards.. I feel that while the .410 is by far the gun for choice on marginal shots that if you take only high % shots and know your limits and you guns limit you can take deer and do it humanly with the .410 Since taking my first many years ago I quickly grew into the larger gauge guns and love them.. each one holds a special place in my heart. I have a few times taken the .410 out since that first day and have also harvested a few other deer with it.. but like I said you have to feel comfortable.. That being said I have gone to the other extreme latley and used my Browning BPS 10 gauge last year to take a few deer with.. this thing is a dream...now if it was only about half the weight lol....jmo
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I would choose the muzzle loader over a 410 for deer, but a 410 in the right hands is deadly on deer, a family friend killed a ton of deer with a 410. I wouldn' t hunt with one though.
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

the 410 is a good gun for kids just starting out but I personally wouldn' t use it. I' d follow NE advice and pick up a slug barrel for your 12 ga and be done with it.
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

Does anyone know of a state in which a .410 is legal
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

Indiana they are legal. And I believe Ohio as well.
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Quick Reply: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

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