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.410 slugs(powerful enough?)

Old 09-03-2003, 09:30 PM
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I shot my first deer with a 410. That was many years ago, and I swore I would never do it again. It took three shots.

I am fortunate enough to live in a part of the country where that is not much of a concern...I hunt with a rifle.

But if I were in your position, I would hold out for a much larger bore size...Maybe a 12 guage.

I' m not familiar with the laws in your state, but you mentioned a muzzle loader...If you are to chose between a shotgun and a muzzle loader, than the muzzle loader should win hands down.

For shooting an animal at just a few yards, it probably does not matter what kind of weapon you choose, but in my experience, those real close shots are few and far between. A .50 caliber muzzle loader saboted down to a .45 are a good choice for anything from right in front of you all the way up to arond eighty to a hundred yards.

I' m not much of a fan of shotgun hunting, but that is probably because I' ve never had to do it as a result of local or state laws. But I would suspect that bigger is definately better in that regards.
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Old 09-03-2003, 09:36 PM
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

not in illinios maybe you could try with a slingshot
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I totally agree if the season allows you to shotgun hunt or muzzleload hunt, then a ML would be my choice. If you require a shotgun to hunt then please look to up it to at least a 20 ga but preferably a 12 ga. I have seen geese not even stumble when a 410 was used, so I can' t imagine they would be very effective on a deer!
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I live in Indiana and use a muzzleloader for Firearm and ML seasons , stick with the ML so you won' t have to worry about taking down your deer . A .50 or .54 will take down any deer in the woods .
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I should clarify- I use a 12ga currently. However the budget allows only one gun purchase this fall. I thought I might be able to stretch my dolaar farther by buying the 410 and also using it for smal game, however through your constructive input I' ll be focusing on the muzzleoader. Thank you for all the sound advice.

I live in Michigan , I thought I read you could use any guage in the rule book.
But then again you have to be a lawyer to decipher half of it.
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I think you' ll be much happier with the muzzle loader for deer but if you want a shotgun look in the pawn shops for a good used 12 ga. You can use it on about anything you want to hunt. For deer the muzzle loader is the ticket
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

As others said the 410 COULD kill a deer, but there' s a great risk of just wounding the animal. I used one for grouse hunting as a kid, and while it did the job just fine at 15 yards or less, I soon moved up to a 20 gauge because it was more effective. If you have a kid that is just starting out hunting small game, then getting a 410 would be a good option since you could use your 12 ga. for deer.

If you want something strictly for deer, then definitely go with the muzzleloader.
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I noticed you said you have a 12ga. Is a rifled slug barrel available for it? You might be able to get a slug barrel and a muzzel loader for about the same money as the Win .410. This is assuming you still want the ML aas the 12 ga will do just fine
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

I agree with NE Hunter... consider a rifled barrel for your 12G is one is available. Before I could afford a nice rifle I hunted with an 870 that I put a rifled barrel on for under $100. It has rifle sights and I am totally comfortable with it out to 65-70 yards or so with Winchester 1 oz. sabots. I still hunt with it in certain situations (brushy areas, etc.) and I can tell you it packs one heck of a punch. Every buck I' ve taken with it went down like a piano got dropped on him. That would probably leave you enough money to get a modest muzzy to boot, which would give you another gun with a bit longer range capability.
Good luck
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Default RE: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

Yep...what everybody else said. .410 is too small. Get a 20 ga (those buggers are accurate) or a 12 ga. OR, a .50 cal muzzle loader.
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Quick Reply: .410 slugs(powerful enough?)

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