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The Buckmaster: Jackie Bushman

Old 09-04-2003, 07:57 AM
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Default RE: The Buckmaster: Jackie Bushman

Well I always liked the show, and thought Buckmasters was a great organization, and seems some people agree. The charity work and programs Buckmasters is involved in speaks for themselves...so they are not completely about the almighty dollar like some of you seem to think. And like every organization, you have to make money to survive, so you can' t blame the man, or the organization for pushing their products. And hell yeah I would love to hunt for a living...it would be awesome. [:-]
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Default RE: The Buckmaster: Jackie Bushman

Buckmasters doing charity work is like a whorehouse opening a soup kitchen--it' s still a whorehouse
JRW...can I get permission to use that line

I don' t see how anybody can watch that crap and not see it for what it it really is.
In my book Jackmy Bushwhacker ranks right up there with Noel Feather, a blackeye for hunting.[:' (]

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Old 09-04-2003, 05:52 PM
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Default RE: The Buckmaster: Jackie Bushman

The shows like Buckmasters and texas trophy hunters are bad examples of what hunting really is.They only hunt high fence ranches where the deer don' t have a chance,only rich business types hunt there because their too lazy to put some real time in.I have seen a episode of texas trophy hunters where the jerk shoots a buck beside a 12 foot high fence and than he tries to justify it by saying the herd must be controlled,what an A$$.These shows are the reason that animal rights groups are all over us hunters.If you ask me the Jackie B, Bill jordon shows are just a 30 minute commercials.I understand they need to make money but is it at the expence of their integrity,I guess it is.
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Old 09-04-2003, 08:30 PM
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Default RE: The Buckmaster: Jackie Bushman

you guys don' t enjoy the hunting on realtree and buckmasters???
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Default RE: The Buckmaster: Jackie Bushman

WOW, alot of attitudes around here. Many of the " pro" hunters, as well as fisherman, will typically have a guide (good one at that) and will harvest quality animals. It' s all about making the film and selling it...it' s a business. From the filming standpoint, no doubt the Primos boys have some very authentic footage as do the Druery boys. Heck, if I could do what they do and get paid for it, I think I' d go for it, wouldn' t you? I' d maybe even stop in here once in a while just to get a good laugh. :-) :-)

Back to what Rack-Attack said...same, same here!! Got a tape...they wanted money.....they didn' t get money....I got a tape!!!! Pretty sad way to secure business. I would never stoop to that level, that part of their business I would say sucks.
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Old 09-04-2003, 10:44 PM
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Default RE: The Buckmaster: Jackie Bushman

Hey I am all for being entertained and I do enjoy watching hunting shows, but as far as Jacka$$ Cashman no thanks. That slow creep ritual JB does up on a downed animal and poking his rump....who does that...honestly!!!!! Ole Billy Realtree can get pretty long in the tooth but at least he has hunts where he don' t pull the trigger just to fill a tag.

Hunting shows are about promotion I ain' t stupid, Primos, Wayne Carlton, Realtree, Larry Jones...the list goes on. I expect the constant gear plugs but I think Buckmaster takes it to whole new level and the irogance of him even calling himself " The Buckmaster" ...just rubs me rough I guess. Then throw in the crap mail he sends, I have never been a member of Buckmaster (can you tell) but a buddy signed me up to get into a gear grab or some sweepstakes...I was emailed, phoned and mailed crap for well over a year. Yes I got the vaccum pitch and so on. Needless to say my buddy and I had some issues to iron out

But whatever floats your canoe!!! If you ask opinions than expect answers you may not want to hear

Good hunting
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