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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

thats right i agree 100% on that.
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

At first thought, I thought it might be a good idea, but it would never be accepted by the taxpayers or the anti' s. Zero chance of it becoming a reality in public schools.
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

In NC they' ve been teaching hunter safety in the High Schools For 30 + years.
It is usually taught in FFA or agriculture class. Nc wildlife commision sponsors.
Commission also teaches several public hunter safety courses throughout the year.

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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I am from a small town in central Missouri and we had hunter education in P.E. in junior high and still do, almost everyone has the course by the end of high school, we even had a chapter on shooting air rifles during it and also had an archery chapter in PE also. Our school also has a Wildlife and Pond Management class and Forest Management class available to all students in the vocational agriculture department. I took all of these and learned a lot, its nice to have things like this offered in school. 11 years ago and still going , hope it dont stop
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools


Great question, well, I feel for what it is worth, that hunters education would help cut down on firearm accidents, I know that tax payers would have a hard time with a class like hunters safety, but if the numbers show that teaching our youth how to treat firearms, as if they are always loaded, it would help parents to keep their guns locked up and put away with locks. Here in Colorado, so many accidents are from kids who don' t know how to handle firearms. Maybe we can as a group of hunters talk to our educators, and see if there is some interest in getting this into our classroom...I agree with you, we need it.

Dr. Mike
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I am from WV, and I' m 20....but when I was in 7th grade they gave our class a Hunters Safety course every year. But they don' t do that anymore.
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

Not a bid idea. I have spen 15 years in the Army and my 14 year old can handle a gun better than most of the guys that join the army. Four months in Iraq and I was just as afraid of the guys around me with loaded weapons as I was the Iraqis
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

It would be tough convincing folks in the Bronx that Hunter Education should be a required subject. How about East LA? What right should we have to require it in any school system? This is not mandated as a required subject. As much as I am for hunter safety programs, I would be against it being put into our school systems on a national basis. If those schools in rural America voted to install it and make it part of the shool learning process, then that would be the exception to the rule.

Making it available as an option would be in the best interest of everyone...
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I live in NC and took a hunter safety course in high school when I was 14 years old through the agricutural class I was in. At that time it was not mandatory to have taken the course before you bought a hunting license. I didn' t start deer hunting until 1993 after they had passed the HSC law. To my suprise, I wrote a letter requesting a copy of my hunters safety course certificate and a week later I recieved a copy in the mail. It had been 9 years since I had taken the course.

The law was passed I think in 1990 that required anyone who had never had a hunting license go through the hunters safety course before you could get the hunting license. I can' t say that it has decreased the number of hunting accidents but I' m sure it hasn' t hurt either. IN MY OPINION hunting accidents (hunters being shot by other hunters) are caused by stupid, careless people and all the courses in the world can' t help them.
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