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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I disagree with that class being taught in schools even as a hunter and army vet myself. Id much rather my child be proficent in math,science, and reading then in hunter safety. I can teach him that. just my opinion
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I believe that Hunter Safety courses, as a general rule, have helped to decrease the number of hunting accidents nearly every where they are required. My 7th grade teacher took it upon himself to provide a basic course each year and this well before it was required in Wisconsin where I grew up.
I would suggest however that the schools today are hardly the place for it to be taught. Our so called educators, can' t seem to get it together enough to provide a basic education in their chosen fields of expertise let alone something this important. Leave Hunter Education in the hands of NRA/State certified instructors that have a vested interest in the sport.
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

Our high school offers a class that includes hunter safety and the trapping thing too. Can' t remember to much about the trapping end. But the class went over many different aspects of the wild life in our area. We even got out of school for a day of fishing at a local farm pond. We then cleaned the fish in the ag shop the next day in class. He even showed us how to clean a pheasant in the middle of the class room. Towards the end of the semester, we had a wild game cook. Had rabbit, pheasant, buffalo, deer, goose, duck, dove and the fish we caught. As of last year the class was still offered. Our local NWTF chapter donated $500 to purchase some kind of gun training aid. Not exactlly sure how it works, but the teacher was more than appreciative.
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I grew up in Missouri and still hunt there every fall. They gave us a Hunter Safety (It was called Hunter Education then) course in grade school (4th or 5th grade). Missouri also has a law that if you were born after 1968, you have to provide your Heritage Card (Hunter Safety card) before you can purchase a license/tag.
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I would love to see it happen but with all the anti’s and liberals having enough power to have “In God We Trust” and MORE taken out of the public school system, I see it unlikely. I refuse to believe that there are stronger numbers with the anti’s and liberals but you know what they say is true……”The wheel with the loudest squeak gets the oil.” I think it’s about time we quit feeling comfortable with others fighting our fights and we get off our ass and start doing some things for ourselves! God bless the N.R.A. but I think things must be done on a grass roots level too. CDH [:@]
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

While I would love to see it happen, I' m afraid that it never will.
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

My son goes to Arkansas High in Texarkana...........and they teach Hunters Ed to 9th grade and above.

Not sure if all school in AR teach it but his does.
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I think it would be great! I see alot of you already have shot the idea down saying the tax payers and the anti' s won' t let it happen. Did you ever stop to think that the reason the anti' s get so much of their agenda through is because we Hunters and Shooters always have a defeatist attitude and don' t ever try to push the issue. We just stand back and let the anti' s make all the noise. Think about it!
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Default RE: We need hunter safety in the schools

I know that here in Va when I was in jr. high we were taught hunters education during PE class.. we also had a achery chapter as well... then once in high scholl we had archery every year in PE..(too bad they wouldnt let me bring my own lol)

I think that it should be offered in every jr. high Make parts of it such as gun saftey and maybe wildlife managment mandatory but they other sections covered could be elective in the case of someone who did not wish their child to hunt (not that I can imagine one person who doesnt like to hunt or want their kids to either... maybe its just the crowd I hang out with lol). But atleast teach all youngsters about firearms and saftey and about wildlife managment..maybe the managment part would help those people who are undecided about how they feel on hunting see why its needed and shoudl be valued..
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