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BAD BOY(few ?'s for yall)

Old 01-15-2012, 07:42 AM
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Default BAD BOY(few ?'s for yall)

I didnt quite know what to put this category under, I wanted to get reviews on it, so I am sticking it under the highest reviewed forum...I got a question for yall, me and my paps own 776 acres of ground in Northeastern Nebraska, it's 40 acres into cropground, and the rest is pasture ground and premier hunting, but the ? I have is I am lookiing at buying a UTV, I have been looking at the bad boy buggys, but it looks like them bad boy buggys cannot make it up hills real well, and this ground we have has its canyons and hills it needs to climb, I am just looking for a nice UTV, and I really like the Bad Boys but I do not think it will perform worth a hoot in this type of ground, especially when there is a deerp snow or mud. any input will help, I am trying to post pics of the property on here also, I just cant figure it out!! I will keep trying.
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I don't own one but my buddies brother does. I was told that the buggy really sucks up the battery juice quickly. Even when it was new. So if this is true, any hilly areas would drain this machine quickly. I'm only going by heresay from one owner. Maybe his is a lemon, I don't know.
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Old 01-15-2012, 08:19 AM
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save yer money...find a nicely restored suzuki samuri, i think they are all 4X4..if not..find a 4X4....prices very. we found ours fer free, but cant find em under $3k now. restored in the $13k range. this thing will walk straight up a hill, with over 1000lbs in it. utv is over rated and over priced.
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Default Bad boy

I have a Rhino 450, it goes almost anywhere. I took it strait up hills just to see if I could, Put it in 4x4 low range all wheel and the way you go. It rides like a dream. On the little hills and level I use 2 wheel drive. The onlything I have against is it is noisy, but they said you can a muffler to quiet down.
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Don't waste your time with an overpriced UTV. Get yourself a nice Japanese Mini Truck. I am from Nebraska as well and got mine this past summer. Can't tell you how handy this thing is and it will go up any hill in its way! Plus a cab, heater, radio, whole nine yards. All for half the price of a souped up golf cart. Do some research on MINI TRUCKS. I've seen some up your way so you pry know just what I'm talking about it. Good luck. I'd post pics of mine but file size is too big or something and don't have time to mess with it. Plenty of pics online.
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I have experience with only one. I could give you the long story, but here's the short instead. After almost 3 miserable seasons of use, in a fit of childish rage at being out of juice for the hump-teenth time (this time 3 1/2 miles from camp in a driving rainstorm), the owner pushed it off a 20' bank into raging creek. He had experienced pitiful battery life, a motor winding short and a battery fire. I think it was a 2007 vintage BB Buggy, but not 100% sure.
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maybe that will help
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How about this!
Live it up! Deerwoods Doug
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I was told that the buggy really sucks up the battery juice quickly. Even when it was new. So if this is true, any hilly areas would drain this machine quickly.
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