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Interesting night

Old 12-27-2011, 03:47 PM
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Default Interesting night

Decided to go muzzleloader hunting tonight, well more of a scouting mission really.Had the wife drive and we went out to see if I could figure out where the deer were hiding.

First we seen a deer in a bunch of tall grass, we went went on down the road and turned around so i could look at it through the binocs.Deer was gone when we got back, patch of grass was pretty small so I got out and snuck in the downwind side of it.Long story short the deer got up and I passed on a doe at about 80 yards broadside.

Went on to another property I have permission for and a decent buck was going down the fenceline.Had her take me down to the other side of the property and I snuck in to where I thought he would come out.All the sudden 6 does come running over the hill towards me.I watched them run through about 50 yrds out and figured the buck might be coming next.To my suprise two big coyotes topped the hill about 150 yards away right on the trail of the does.They stopped and I decided to do the deer population a favor, I put the crosshair on the closest one and touched my gun off, through the smoke I seen him hunch up and run one way, the other yote ran back the other way and stopped, I put the crosshairs on it and cursed wishing I had a rifle since the gun was empty.All the sudden about 100 yrds out another yote that had been in the fenceline ran up to joing the one on the hill.Coulda shot all three of em if Id had the high power in about 30 seconds.Looked to me like the 2 were trying to herd the deer down to the one waiting in the fenceline.

So I went out to kill a deer and wound up maybe saving ones life, couple of them were this years fawns that were real big yet and woulda been easy to take down.Guesse Ill go back in the morning and see if I can find the one I shot.
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Way to go on shooting the Coyote....sound like You need to thin a few more of them out?Be sure to pack a Rifle along with You if You got out again...and maybe a rabbit in distress call....get those Coyotes to come in close to You so You can Pop another one.If You have a Automatic or Bolt-action Rifle and shoot another coyote and there's more,try barking like a hurt dog and the other may stop so You have another shot?I have a Primo's Ki-Yi caller that can be pulled apart and used as a Yelper that sounds like a Coyote that is hurt,it makes another Coyote stop in time for a follow up shot....heck some times using the rabbit in distress call again will even keep another Coyote at bay so You can shoot 2 of them?
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