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New Deer Hunting Products

Old 12-15-2011, 05:49 PM
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Default New Deer Hunting Products

With the 2011 deer hunting season nearing an end, what hunting products would you like to add to your arsenal for next year?

I'm thinking of adding a decent trail camera, a 2 man ground blind, some Blackhorn 209 powder, and some new camo such as ASAT.

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Default Probably good for the economy

That expensive camo should look good in a ground blind.
[kidding of course]
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i wish camo wasn't so expensive but love it.
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I started hunting from a sortable ground blind about 5-6 years ago. Excellent way to go if you don't have far to hike in. After going trough two rather economy models, I bought a Double Bull. Relatively expensive but excellent. A snap to set up. Has been very durable and water proof even in rather heavy down pours. As far as trail cams, cool but unless you have better luck than me ... I can't keep one going much longer than a year or so. Have bought 6. About $250 model Leaf Rivers, Bushnell and Moultree(Sp) models. Only the 2 Leaf Rivers are still working. Cammo ? I figure about any cammo works. The Blackhorn 209 is very, very consistent in my CVA. I highly recommend it.
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Here is a tip re ASAT. Save some money, buy the ASAT Ultimate 3-D suit. That is the light weight one that has all the cutouts and you wear it over your clothes. You can wear anything under it and I mean anything. Note the tennis shoes. That is all I wear until it gets too cold.

I was involved with the development of ASAT and wore it five years before it was on the market. It is still my go to camo. 90% of the time, I wear the 3-D. This is what I was wearing under it in early bow season. I killed these two about 20-seconds apart. I was wearing it in 1995, too.

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Over the years, I have purchased "many" things that I have regrets for buying and "fewer" things that I was glad that I have bought.

I am a firm believer of buying things that will make me more "comfortable" while I am out in the woods. NO, I'm not talking about a Lane Recliner and one of those "Snuggie" blankets with sleeves on it. I am talking about certain products that should be necessities when hunting, like gloves, hat, clothing, ect.

I would need "TWO" sets of hands to count how many pair of gloves I have bought over the years that either didn't keep me warm, didn't keep me dry, or both. Yes, I have been one of those guys that have sat up in his stand for hours wearing a "cheap" pair of gloves that get soaked from holding the barrel and stock of my gun when it was snowing or raining. I have also bought gloves that have kept me warm but not dry. They where about as thick as a 2,000 page dictionary and when I went to get my finger inside the trigger guard, it wasn't happening.

The same thing with boots. I have wore boots that where so cheap that the rubber would creek when I was walking to my stand. They where as thin as a warn out dime and if you stepped on a sharp branch, you better believe you were gonna be taking in water on your way out of the woods. I had had my share of boots that didn't keep my feet warm. In fact, there where times that I thought the boots would greatly "increase" my odds of getting frostbite on my toes and I might have stayed warmer if I stuck my feet in a 3 foot snowbank.

One thing that I have learned over the years is, when your feet, hands, head, neck and body are either soaked, freezing, or a slight combination of both, it makes it very hard for a hunter to want to stay in the woods for a prolonged amount of time. I now have gotten out of the old "cheap is good enough" philosophies and try to get the best clothing that I can afford. I have learned that this equipment will last me longer and putting down a few extra dollars for it is well worth it to me.

I now look for clothing that will keep me warm, dry, and quiet. I also look for light, breathable material so I don't get soaked from sweat either.

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This season the wind has been wrong steady out of the east north east when it is usually out of the west north west. All of my ground blinds and stands are set up for west and nw winds.

So I had to come up with a cover scent that would mask my scent. I saw this one at bass pro and thought I would give it a try:

Conquest scents Ever Calm Deer Herd in a stick. It comes in a stick like the deodarant sticks. I apply it on the screen of my blinds on the trunks of the trees that I am sitting near.

Folks this stuff works. I have had dozens of deer and wild hogs down wind of me and not one ever was spoked or even looked up.

A wild hogs sense of smell is remarkable.
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I would like to have some new Predator camo. That's about it.

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Gator59....I was wondering if that Ever-Calm stuff worked very good...glad to hear it from a Hunter that it does,might have to get me some of that?

Lets see...2012 plans of what Deer Hunting Gear to buy?

Well for starters I plan on getting some Natural Gear Snow Camo because I have been doing a lot of Coyote/Predator Hunting and I can use it for Bow Hunting if we ever get any snow on the ground here in Southeast Missouri?I'd like to get a GPS from when we go out Scouting and Hunting so I know the area better and the surrounding Property lines too....and I don't get lost!

I'm also needing another good pair of Camo Hunting Gloves,something light weight yet durable and fairly warm for Winter time Hunting....I was planning on getting another Varmint Rifle,possibly a Savage Light Weight Hunter in a .223 bolt-action.Not sure what other Hunting Gear I may need.....time will tell and I'm actually pretty well ahead of the game on gear!
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