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How important are antlers to you?

Old 12-15-2011, 01:15 PM
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Lots of points to discuss and even debate. But trust me, after nearly three decades of chasing the bigger ones, I am truly enjoying the others.

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Beautiful wall and memories you have Scribe. Any one of them would be a deer of a lifetime for most people.
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I was at a venison donation truck this morning, and there was a beautiful 9 pointer in the fridge, with a perfect wide rack. If it were mine, I would have mounted it.
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I think there is a cycle that most (not all) hunters go through. The same for fisherman. When I first started fly fishing, I just wanted to catch a fish. Then I wanted a big fish, then the biggest variety of fish, then bigger ones of each variety, then finally, coming to enjoy the experience of fly fishing. The relaxing sound of the stream, the art of casting, observing wildlife, etc.

For hunting, it has been much of the same. At first I just wanted to kill a deer. Then I wanted to kill a deer with antlers, then a deer with big antlers, then the most deer, then you come to enjoy hunting. Enjoying the solitude of a cold morning in the woods. Time to think, enjoy nature and maybe shoot a doe or two for meat. Or if another big buck walks by, another trophy.

I am not quite sure which stage I am in, finally having bagged my first nice buck. I would say somewhere between wanting more bucks and enjoying the experience as a whole. Maybe the cycle will go back to just killing any deer after a few dry seasons, or doing it all over again with a new style of hunting (stalking, etc.) or with a new weapon (crossbow, compound bow, etc..) There is more than a lifetime of opportunities and ways to pursue those opportunities. I'm only 27, so I am sure that my outlook will change from time to time, but for me, the one thing that will always hold true: it is probably more about the experience and that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when it all comes together after putting in the time and effort to reach that goal.

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Few people start as a trophy hunter. I didn't. But after you hunt awhile you may want to challenge yourself more. In Ky we can kill one buck and I trophy hunt. I kill does to eat and if the right buck comes along I'll shoot it.

No one side is right. Meat hunter or trophy hunter....hunt for what makes you happy. What I don't like is one side acting superior to the other. Hunting should be fun so enjoy it and don't let anyone tell you how you should hunt.
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Originally Posted by nchawkeye
I grew up hunting and eating game...I've hunted over 45 years and have killed over 300 deer...I could care less about antlers as well, after you have a few dozen what are you going to do with them???

I love to cook and kill several does each year, I'll kill a buck if it's a nice one for my area but I usually pass as well...Since we have several farms and need to control the population we need more does killed than bucks anyway...Through the years I've put other members of my family or friends on the bucks that I've passed on and see that it means so much more to them than me that I prefer to let them have them...

I guess some folks like to brag about the big bucks they've killed as it makes them feel good...I've never looked at hunting as a reason to go into the woods to collect antlers but to bring back food...I believe that's why early man started hunting so I'm staying with my roots...The time alone to reflect and think, being outdoors and seeing what God created is payback enough for me even if I don't see deer...I thank Him for each and every hunt...
X2 Well said! Saves me a bunch of hunting and pecking on the keyboard.
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Originally Posted by Kybuckhunter
No one side is right. Meat hunter or trophy hunter....hunt for what makes you happy. What I don't like is one side acting superior to the other. Hunting should be fun so enjoy it and don't let anyone tell you how you should hunt.

X's three, to each his own!
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There it is, right there. Carve it in stone. If it is legal and makes youhappy, go for it. This year, so far, I have killed six does and two smallbucks and enjoyed my year as much as any I have had.

In a week, I am going to guide a young man on his "Wish" hunt and if he can kill a deer, any deer, this may well be my best year yet. I'm not in the best health by aye gollies, if that boy kills a deer, one way or another I will get his wheelchair to it and smear a little blood on his face.

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