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Sons first gun

Old 12-10-2011, 05:10 PM
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Default Sons first gun

Well I bought my son his first real gun today. Santa is going to leave it under the tree. Its a cool little thing. Its a Rossi 22 with and interchangeable barrel to make it a 20 gauge. TO COOL. I am so excited he has been asking since he was 4. He turns 8 on Christmas eve. I know some of you will say he is way to young but he is a responsible 8 year old and will only be using it in the presence of Daddy or Grandpa. I feel like a little kid again. I dont know if I can wait Im so excited.
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Its a Rossi 22 with and interchangeable barrel to make it a 20 gauge
I bought my son the same exact gun when he was 8. One thing to be aware of: the gun weighs about 1 pound and 3" turkey loads kick about as much as my 300 Wby Mag - no kidding, it really does!!!!

Start him off practicing with the 22 barrel. Then get 2 3/4" dove loads. I even got a slip-on recoil pad for it because it just had a hard, plastic butt plate.

It's a great little gun that will serve him well for years. I love ours.
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TOO Young no way. 8 years old is a perfect age for 90% of the kids. The other 10% should probably wait another 80 years.

May he enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my Ithaca 22 single shot saddle gun when I was 8.
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got my boy an 870 youth model 20 ga...he is 10...im stoked too...know where you are coming from!
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My son is 9. He got a BB gun on his 9th birthday. And is pretty good with that. But I wouldn't trust him with a gun yet. My Father in Law and I are thinking about taking him out Christmas week to shoot a .22 And he was very interested in the deer I shot the other day. I may take him along on a hunt.

But, I'm waiting till he's at least 10 to get him his own gun.

I was looking at those Rossi's though. Sure are sweet.
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I got my 7 year old the same rifle with in .243/20ga. He can shot the 10 ring every time with the .243. He got a nice spike with it this year! About a 30 yard broadside double lung shot! I am vary proud of him. When we where practicing he was not satisfied until he could hit the bulls eye every time just like dad!

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