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End to a legend

Old 12-02-2011, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Horacio
Well, with any luck, he's been busy with the does in the area for the past few seasons and his offspring will keep you plenty busy for the foreseeable futire.

Awesome find, though. I scour the brush looking for sheds in the off season and I seem to find not much more than some rat chewed left overs. We found a skull a few months ago from a doe but nothing like that. I know you can't eat em but its still pretty dang cool. The buck who was to wily to be taken succumb to old age.....
I like that!! well written!! expresses my feelings, Thanks.

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I'm apologize for the confusion on restoration. What I meant was, all the damaged spots from the animals will be filled. The drop tine was chewed off about 3 inches from the main beam and various other places were chewed. The drop tine is the only tine to be restored. Not going to add any points or replace any broken tines from the living years. I'll have it back monday, so I'll post pics. Thanks for all the comments.
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Horacio is the closest.

Listen....do what you want.

i would tune up the found skull and honor it with some live pics surrounding it in your favorite sitting /hunting talk place.

most here are rednecks, and need to eat anything to survive.

You ....just enjoy the knowledge he is in your possession.

Thats 9/10's of the law !

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That was a nice find. Its a shame you did not get a crack at him, maybe he left some of his genes in the herd.
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Its nice to see such an Awesome Buck in Missouri.....I'd fix it up and hang it on the wall!

I found a nice Big 10-Point Buck on our Farm a few years ago,I had lots of trail camera pictures of him for 2 years in a row...someone had shot him during Rifle Season in Nov and he ran back to out property and died.All that was left of him was the skeleton and little bit of hair on his head and 3 legs,I found him on Feb 18 about 3 months later and reported to our local Conservation Agent since we are suppose to report finding any Dead Bucks that we are wanting to keep the Head/Antlers from within 24 hours of finding them.

I recieved a written reciept on the Bucks Head/Antler's and took him to my local Taxidermist and he supplied it with a new cape from another Buck and mounted the 10-Point Buck in all his former Glory!
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