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Trigger Stick change POI?

Old 11-28-2011, 05:32 PM
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Default Trigger Stick change POI?

I shot the biggest buck of my life on opening day of Wisconsin gun season this year; a 21 inch wide ten point, will probably gross score 155-165(pics to come), however I am sorry to say it was not my greatest shooting. I sighted in my 30-06, 150 grain with a 100 yard zero. I shot at the buck at 187 yards across a hay field, and my first shot took out a front leg, it ran and my second shot took out the other front leg. It could not get up and I walked across the field and finished it off at close range. Although I am excited to get it, I am not real happy that I put the animal through that. I sighted in the prone position using a "lead sled" style rest, but shot the buck using a Primos trigger stick. I had the rubber strap that keeps the forend in the yoke secured when I shot and I didnt have anything like this when sighting in, other than my off had gripping the forend. I am wondering if having the strap secured kept the barrel from jumping the slight amount that it did when I was sighting in and caused my point of impact be lowered by as much as two feet. I suppose the only way to test this theory is to get out and shoot at paper, but I wont have time to do that for awhile, so I thought I would get some opinions from other hunters/shooters. If my theory is right does that mean if you plan on using shooting sticks of some kind you have to sight in with those sticks and then only shoot off of them?
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