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Should be dead

Old 10-31-2011, 05:19 AM
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Default Should be dead

Alright, I know I will get flamed for this but here we go.

So last night I got out in the woods early around 2. I sat in a new stand that I put up at the beginning of the season just haven't givin it a shot yet. Well I wish I had sat in it sooner because I had some serious opportunities.

I was sitting there when 2 does came out and started eating in the field that the stand over looks. 10 minutes later here comes a nice 8 point I was thinking great I can get a shot at this nice buck. 20 yard shot broadside no problem. I watched this buck as he just pins something out in the field just before I drew I look up and OMG here comes the big boy! 10 point 20" spread huge G2's ~10" tall just a huge deer. He chases after the big doe above me he is at 60 yards, the smaller buck walks right underneath me and back down the hill. The giant starts to walk away so I snort wheez. He stops turns and snort wheezes back. I do it again as hard as I possibly can, he starts to walk towards me then turns up hill. At this point he is at 49 yards and not coming closer, straight down wind of me. He is going to take off so I take advantage of the opportunity.

I range him again just to make sure and its 49yards again. I draw my bow, put the 50 yard pin behind the shoulder back a little because he is quatering away hard, and let it go. I shoot nockturnals and I watched this awway hit home right where I aimed.

Ok so now the catch. The arrow penetrated 18" before falling to the ground. This deer took off I watched him and he looked like he went down. I sat there for another 15 minutes collecting myself. I got down, went got my wife and we began looking. This was a textbook shot had blood at first but then it dryed up, and can't find the buck where I thought it "went down."

So what would you all do? I left the deer overnight in hopes the coyotes and bears don't get it if its dead. This deer should be dead, it was a long shot but it hit where I was aiming.

By the way I can stack all my arrows in the 10 ring at 60 yards.
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Old 10-31-2011, 05:25 AM
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Long shots are tough.

I've done them and had little success even on good hits.

No smack down power like under 20 yard shots.

Penetration isn't radical . You may find it, but sounds like you may have bumped him.

Always wait, as hard as it is. 1 hour minimum
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You'll find him. Since it didn't have enough power to make a pass through. Blood would be minimal anyways even if it was a good shot. Good Luck.
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I mean I got 18" of penetration at least so it must have went in and hit something. I don't think I could've made a better shot at 20 yards. It was right in that 10 ring just under the shoulder blade. We had a heavy frost so I am hoping there will be a little blood left.
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Old 10-31-2011, 07:04 AM
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18" is about all the way through, unless, like you said,"quartering away hard". Chances are that the arrow failed to penetrate the opposite ribcage. Really only YOU know how good you hit him, but it sounds like a fatal shot. Even if something like innards plugged the hole he is still gonna die. Good luck. We want pics!!!
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Seriously, a couple of years ago I shot a buck with a slug, quartering away. He took a step as I pulled the trigger, and the round went in the ribs and out of the opposite shoulder. No blood trail at all, but I watched him run, and he was heading for the swamp. I guessed that I got more stomach than anything vital. Two of us spread out about 60 yards apart and followed the direction he was going, and there was not one drop of blood the whole way. He made it about 250-300 yards before giving in. Keep looking you will find him.
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Based upon what you have said...I think you will find the deer....18" is alot of penetration not to have a dead deer!!
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18" is a whole lot of penetration! Hope you find him! Post some pics if you do
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If it's 18'' like you said, he's dead. Without a pass through, you maybe won't get much blood. The hole could be plugged and the blood will stop, but he's still dead. Hoping to hear a good update.
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I agree with others that the blood trail might be sparse. No exit on the "downhill" side of the body will restrict the blood trail a bunch. I am some what surprised that the arrow having gone in 18" was able to be pulled out as the deer ran off. But I suppose not impossible at all. I'd suggest starting where you first saw blood and mark what blood you can find with tiolet paper and see if you can get a general direction that the buck fled, keeping in mind where you last saw him. Once the blood trail is a goner, then about all that you can do is do a thorough grid search from there on. Get a buddy or two and cover at least 1/2 mile square if at all possible. Take your time and cover the ground very carefully examoining any brush piles, ravines , creeks and thickets closely. If he is not down inside that square, then you are probably out of luck finding him. If you have access to a blood trailing pooch, by all means get the dog in there and on the track. Be interesting to know if you find it.
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