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Overgrown logging roads

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Default Overgrown logging roads

Hi new here to the forums everyone. Love this site by the way

Back to topic though. Well i have a logging road that is pretty over grown but still a trail that you can walk down. Now im just wondering is a straight CLEARED out logging road more poductive or one that i described above. The road used to be clear until it grew up this past summer but the over growth made it less wide and enclosed with thicket along both sides. What are your thoughts? Clear or keep it thick?
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That's an interesting question. The Property I hunt has both overgrown logging roads and very clear cut ones. I personally don't see the difference in the deer usage. There are 2 ways of thinking, 1. deer will take the path of least resistance. meaning the clear cut road. On the other hand 2. Deer will use the overgrown logging road as cover. and not to mention overgrown usually means less usage from humans hence less pressure. Alot of times i like to cut open old roads along thick brush because it opens up a natural funnel for the deer to use. As to which is better...i dont know, i suppose each has its ups and downs and it also depends on the surroundings and how you want to hunt it.
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Well these areas hold animals.. No question I know cause I hunt them..Moose is my favorite to hunt..
I hunt deactivated areas.. Lots.. The reason, nobody else does..
When I say deactivated it's just that.. Roads overgrown, 10th deep by 10 foot wide ditches, every hundred meters, out, culverts taken out and you beat your truck to crap.. We don't go into the bush to drag our moose out.. That too easy... Been there down that too many times.. My 2 week hunting trips were done in less than 24 hours..
Now we make it harder, we call our moose onto the middle of the road... Yep.. We sit in the middle of these roads, and call..
They do respond back and you can here these bulls walking toward us and around us.. But you need to do everything right for these animals to walk right out of the thick stuff to get walk into an opening..
We do have success, we manage to take 4 bulls a year doing it,
but it does take alot longer to kill them..
Yeah these areas hold alot of animals, but as far as success goes, it all depends on your method..Don't do alot of walking, they will smell and hear you a mile away,
find a crossing, and get wind in your favor, sit and call..
But remember, animals will avoid openings at all costs, especially when it's just a sound and no sight.. You will hear alot of action,
it's seeing them and getting a clear shot that is tougher..
Number one rule, pay attention to squirrels.. They can be your best friend, when alerting you to animals, and your worst enemy at giving your position up.
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