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Are wolves the biggest threat? >

Are wolves the biggest threat?

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Are wolves the biggest threat?

Old 04-02-2011, 12:59 PM
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There is no doubt the wolves are moving south. We have seen a few around Eau Claire. There has been no established pack sightings here yet.

The DNR link showing a series of large packs in the central part of the state is interesting. I wonder why they jumped to that part of the state instead of spreading out from the north to the south.

I have not heard anything on the cougars. That's intriguing information as well. Best to carry a sidearm out in the woods these days. Especially in the northern part of the state.
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Old 04-04-2011, 08:35 AM
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Well i live in a state that has wolves, we also have grizzly and black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, canadian lynx, and coyotes. We have always had these animals,with the exception of the wolves in the numbers we have today. Several years ago some genious thought it would be a great idea to increase our wolf numbers, BAD IDEA!!! We have had relatively mild winters for the last decade so our deer, elk and moose numbers should be pretty high, they are not, and the single biggest cause of that is the wolf.

Now heard all the usual bs when they first started talking about bring up the wolf numbers," They have small litters, they kill off the very young or the very old, or the injured or sick,they are good to have for balance in the eco system, etc,etc".... Well guess what, WRONG!!! They are an apex predator, they kill anything they can bring down, they will have a litter of pups at least once a year, if food source is plentifull they will have 2 litters a year. They will have between 6-8 pups per litter per birthing female. We have an aveerage pack size of 8 woves per pack, and they will kill an animal or more every single day especially in the winter.

If they can't find a wild animal to take down, no problem, they will kill cattle, sheep, llama's, your pets if not inside your home, oh they are amazing at what they do, let me tell you. We have deer living in the middle of town now, we have elk living on the outskirts of town, because the wolves so far don't come in close to town yet. There are area's in the state that the elk numbers are on the decline, not because of winter kill, but because the elk cows are spontainiously aborting the calfs before birth because they are so nervous about wolves. The wolves in some parts of the state have just about wiped out local deer populations and have had a heavy toll on moose populations also.

Now keep in mind that we have all those other predators here, but the death rates of our deer, elk, moose, mtn sheep heards have sky rocketed scince the wolf recovery was such a success. You know you have a problem, when the govenor of the state goes on tv and tells you forget the federal laws on woves, just start shooting the darn things. We may not have these problems, if and when we can start hunting them legally. Right now the federal courts have banned the hunting of these animals, so there are no control measures to take care of this problem.

If you want more info, look up wolf problems on the net for Montana and Idaho. You will see that what the "experts" tell you about wolves is a bunch of crap.

As an after thought, if you want hard solid numbers on how wolves could effect you deer herds, look at the elk herd numbers for yellowstone before and after the wolves were reintroduced there. If you have no elk, substitute your deer herd for the elk, good luck.

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Old 04-07-2011, 03:54 PM
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Wolves are known to take down the sick only if they can't take the healthy down first.

There was a series done on PBS years ago on a wolf pack hunting moose on Isle Royale. They found that the wolves would always ignore the sick and preferred to take the healthier animals. Quickly debunking the myth that wolves take the sick and old first.

It was a pretty interesting study.
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Old 04-08-2011, 07:21 AM
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Default Of course, wolves, bears and coyotes are threats

The real question is if these predators are too much a threat. Certainly a treat to some deer hunters thinking of wanting an unlimited and unnatural number of deer in the forest.

With more hunters favoring "corn feeders" to hunt over, one wonders where the wolves, bears and coyotes will be hunting at night and in the hours not hunted by hunters. One wonders if the wolves will vote for more corn feeders? And then, who would be the real threat to deer?

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